Funny motoring expeience!

  josie mayhem 09:33 08 Sep 2006

Prompted by STREETWORK

We've had scare experience and motoring stories that irrate us, so how about funny stories?


When I had my first motorbike, I was still living at home and used to keep it in the front garden. One morning going to work, I couldn't get my motorbike out the useal way, through the drive gates behind mums car. Mum had parked up late the night before and hadn't shut the gates because she didn't have the car far enough down the drive to swing them shut without hitting her car.

so I had to use the sidegate, which swang open in the opersite way to the drive gate and rested against the raised lawn...making it difficult to get me and my motorbike through together.

While trying to sqeeze against the motorbike side and holding onto the handlebars to navigate through the gate I droped it, it fall trapping my feet under the engine. The front and back wheels against the drive gates, that had the restaining bolt down holding it open. and the handle bars gainst the sidegate being held firm by the raised law.... and me stood up right against the gate unable to move anywhere..

I couldn't get my feet out from under the engine, no room to move my legs, everytime I tried to stoop forward to grap the handle bars to lift the motorbike up, by bottom pushed be to far forward and I kept lossing my balance (bottom also against drive gate) couldn't push the motorbike forward accross the ground due to being jamed between both gates... I could twist enough or reach the drive gate retaining bolt to release the gate....

My only option was try to raise my dad out of bed, so I gave a shout several times to no avail.. then I spotted postie coming around the corner my knight in shinning armour I thought....

He even had letters in his hand came right over to me and then gave me a bunch of letters for our house and legged it off around the corner, didn't even say good morning I was spechless, it took another 10 minuites shouting out for my dad before he popped his head out of his bedroom window to see what all the commotion was all about before coming to my rescue....

  freaky 10:39 08 Sep 2006

When I was a youngster my father bought a Raleigh Autocycle ---was quite heavy as it had a hefty engine.

The bike was in the garden shed together with gardening tools including a rake. I started to play with it, and it fell over on top of me trapping me underneath with my bottom resting on the prongs of the rake.....was a very painful experience!

  spuds 11:59 08 Sep 2006

Doing an Italian Mob job, going down a flight of steps in an MG 1300. Then finding an iron bar, set in the ground at the bottom level, so as to prevent further access. Ever tried reversing up a flight of steps, that the vehicle was not designed to do!. (Great fun though, at the time).

Driving a 4x4 at speed along a muddy jungle path in the monsoon season. Then suddenly finding that I was heading the same way that I had been travelling from. To this day, I still cannot picture or recollect that the vehicle had spun around, whilst I was driving it (was going to say, controlling it!). After correcting the route of intended travel, the continuing journey was taken at a more cautious rate.

  MESH Support 12:59 08 Sep 2006

Nothing when driving comes to mind but there was the day I left work with my mobile and iPAQ on the roof.

Neither survived......


  josie mayhem 13:47 08 Sep 2006

Rattling engines can be of concern!

I've managed to blow up a car engine on the way to work, started to hear a tapping noise while driving, in the middle of nowhere it went bang, smoke and steam poured out everywhere... manage to coast into a layby and took the risk of letting a van driver give me a lift (no mobile than have now!)

Last time I had a rattle from the engine compartment, I just had the car serviced, I was a bit worried because when the rattling started on was a long way from home going on holiday, so I pulled over and called the RAC to come and have a look (well I in fact told them that I had brokendown)

I felt quite sheepish when the RAC man asked who had been under my bonnet recently? I explained that I had my car serviced the day before! and quirred why he was asking?

He then gave me a flippen great big screw driver that the mancanic had left in the engine compartment and everything was fine

  Chegs ®™ 15:25 08 Sep 2006

Where to start...

My Dad had decided he was going to build a baggage trailer for the family holiday,but as usual left the actual build to last few days before we were due to depart for 3 weeks in yugoslavia.

As he ran out of time having just got a large flat base with an axle underneath this was duly loaded with all the camping gear strapped aboard and the car loaded.

Whilst descending an austrian mountain pass the incessant squeaking from the tow-hitch suddenly ceased,and I (aged 8yrs) tried to explain to my Dad the reason why(he would often bark "I'm trying to concentrate" whenever us kids spoke)The reason? The trailer had detached itself and shot past us across the road,through a small layby and over a low wall.We rounded the corner(hairpin) and were confronted by our trailer,totally unscathed sitting in the middle of the road.

On another occasion,my Dad had run out of petrol returning from a relatives who was moving in with us so the car was loaded with all her odds-n-ends.My Dad rummaged in the boot and emerged with a brass pint pot which he then departed for a garage clutching,intending on asking for about a pint of petrol in it.This was in the days before 24 hour garages,and it was late evening.Also,it was around 20 miles to the nearest garage so unlikely a pint of petrol would get us to the garage.

  1minute 18:21 08 Sep 2006

I know how Davey from Mesh feels i dropped my mobile when getting into a tractor recently, heard it ringing but could not find it, drove off.........and right over it.
The amazing thing was it still worked long enough to get the sim out of it, my collegues laughed and i did see the funny side, just about!

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