Full Program Mis-advertising on PC advisor

  surin4 19:49 24 Dec 2008

I am troubled by the misdirection made to the general public when your cover disc claims to have Full Programs, typically stating the total worth of these and suggesting a huge saving to the customer.

This of course leads the unsuspecting customer like me to purchase your magazine.

However, these so called Full Programs expire after a few days and do not run unless you purchase the release code.

This is worrying for a number of reasons:

It misdirects buyers to install Trial Ware not a Full Product, the totality of which can never be removed from one’s computer.
This is the behaviour of the newest version of malware, literally blackmailing the customer to pay a fee before their application can run again.
This seriously undermines my confidence in the entire magazine if such unethical marketing ploys are right on your front cover.

I’ll stop there, but if you publish this letter, you readers will see the other unethical aspects to this practise, including charging more for the DVD version for really nothing more than more Trial Ware.

It is my hope that you will make this situating clearer to your readers including this information on both your cover as well as every disc.

In these troubled times customer loyalty is all a company has to keep its head afloat, And I have been a loyal customer for over 3 years.

Best wishes

Dr S Maharaj

  lotvic 19:59 24 Dec 2008

As a fellow purchaser of the magazine, I am surprised that you have had problems with any full programs on the DVD.

Which program is it? maybe we can help, if not then the CD/DVD editor on here usually comes forward to solve any registration problems.

  rdave13 20:09 24 Dec 2008

Gulp, have I missed something? Just re-subscribed to PC Advisor magazine and never had such "malware like" blackmailing customers to pay for full versions of software from a trial version. Never had a problem uninstalling any coverdisc software either.
Had one or two duff coverdiscs but that is all.
surin4, are you sure you're talking about the right company?

  rdave13 20:19 24 Dec 2008

As an afterthought it could be a problem registering for the full software. I believe it happens at times. It's obviously a bad time for the problem to be resolved immediately but it will be I'm certain of that.
Have a nice holiday.

  Forum Editor 20:21 24 Dec 2008

that many computer magazines offer trial versions of software applications, but that's not really the point - which application are you referring to when you make remarks such as "....the totality of which can never be removed from one’s computer."?

Accusing us of unethical marketing ploys is offensive, and I suggest that you think about retracting the statement. If you still have a complaint perhaps you would care to put it in writing to the address you'll find on the contact page (linked to at the bottom of this page). At 8:20 on Christmas eve I'm not in the best frame of mind to get involved in something that would be better dealt with in writing, rather than posted in a public web forum.

  Condom 22:05 24 Dec 2008


PCA like any other publication has some faults and I for one have put my thoughts in writing concerning these but I really don't see where you are coming from concerning this.

Very occasionally a small mistake is made on a DVD which the Editor takes very seriously and quickly posts the solution but these tend to be technical problems.

PCA offers many complete programs each month as well as many other trial programs which are completely different. Some of the complete programs may only last for 1 year but that is not unusual in the software world. I am not aware of any full programs being only available for a few days.

I think you may be confused about what are being offered as full programs and what are not.

Very few programs when uninstalled completely clear everything out and bloated registries are testament to that but this is not unusual and there are many other free programs like CCleaner who are superb at getting rid of the bits other program removers leave behind.

I really hope you have not had one of these bad days before Xmas but if you have I hope you have a great Xmas and think again about your comments early in the New year.

  simonjary 23:18 24 Dec 2008

We need to know exactly what program you are referring to before we can help you.


Simon Jary
Publisher, PC Advisor

  Kev.Ifty 23:43 24 Dec 2008

I have always found PCA to be a trustworthy magazine and a very good reliable source of information.

PCA often provides a 'Full programme' on the Cover Disc but in my experience, if the programme providers (not PCA) expect a registration to activate the product, or activate the full features of that product. It is explained in the Magazine.

Let us know were you are having problems. You will be helped and hopfully assuaged.

Cheers Kev (Forum member)

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