Fuel shortages

  pauldonovan 20:28 03 Jan 2006

There is an IT aspect - honest!

I was wondering what impact we as Computer Hobbyists/IT Professionals/Whatever can have on the fuel shortages that are apparently coming our way.

PCPro has been running a big Switch It Off campaign for ages but reading more and more about fuel prices/supplies recently made me wonder how much IT contributes to fuel usage.

A post in another thread about relatively low energy costs for a laptop vs desktop (according to the poster) also made me think about posting this.

  jz 20:40 03 Jan 2006

I measured an Athalon XP2600 (or thereabouts) recently, and it took 120W when fully booted up but doing very little (Word loaded, but nothing going on). This was without a monitor. Let's add 30W for a TFT monitor and that comes to 150W. I think that a laptop would probably take around 40W under these condtions, including the monitor!

So, let's say that 10 million people replace their desktops with laptops, and they usually use them for two hours a day (some much more, some much less, so this is a wild guess at an average). Each saybe 150 - 30 = 120W. That's quite a bit of electricity.

I suspect that more recent desktop PCs use even more electricity, especially those with wizzy graphics cards.

Interesting point: I also measured a much older desktop recently - a Dell PC with a Pentium III 667MHz processor, internal graphics (no graphics card) and it took just 29W without the monitor under the same conditions.

Power was measured at the mains using an AC power meter, which takes into account things like 'power factor'

  wee eddie 21:01 03 Jan 2006

A fair proportion of a PC's power consumption is turned into heat.

So, turn your home heating down and wrap yourself up in a PC!

  onthebog 21:19 03 Jan 2006

given the amount of dust which come out of mine......

  SG Atlantis® 21:20 03 Jan 2006

lol. The missus would wonder if I brought the PC to bed.

  hzhzhz 23:03 03 Jan 2006

"Due to cutbacks,the light at the end of the tunnel has been extinguished".
Spike Milligan.

  Forum Editor 00:09 04 Jan 2006

When all my office computers are running they heat the place - only on the coldest day to we need to turn on the heating, and in Summer we run air conditioning.

Which means - perversely - that we're consuming more power in the summer than we do in winter.

  wee eddie 07:44 04 Jan 2006

I was just going for some "Lateral" thinking!

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