Fuel Prices Up in the UK only!

  wids001 08:05 18 Feb 2011

The AA have disclosed that the UK was the ONLY country in Europe where the price of fuel rose last month. Apparently prices went DOWN in most countries!

Let me say it again .... Rip-Off Britain.

Maybe it is time for us to take to the streets!

  Quickbeam 08:24 18 Feb 2011

We're the soft touch of the world.

  interzone55 08:52 18 Feb 2011

And we're the only country in Europe that had a VAT rise last month...

  john 52 09:55 18 Feb 2011

Fuel stabiliser ?

click here

  interzone55 10:00 18 Feb 2011

Never happen, no way the treasury will accept less revenue by dropping the duty.

The country costs a certain amount to run.

If less tax is coming in from one source it needs to be gathered from somewhere else.

Lets say they drop fuel duty by £10bn, where to you suppose the government will go to get that £10bn back? I'm fairly sure it won't be off their bessie mates Barclays & Co

  john 52 10:12 18 Feb 2011

I hope you are not suggesting that the Conservatives would not honour an election pledge

  spuds 10:22 18 Feb 2011

Around my neck of the woods, fuel prices have dropped a little from the previous month.

But I do like Tesco's offer of spend over £50.00 in-store and get a 5pence rebate on fuel from their pumps. What do they say- Every little helps?.

I only wish that 'Every little helps', when I had to take a large bag of potatoes back yesterday, because on opening, part of the contents were rotting. I hope I do not receive a fine from their parking contractors, because I returned within the alloted restricted parking time?.

  interzone55 10:32 18 Feb 2011

If they've got cameras on the barriers I'd suggest you start to prepare your defence, because a lot of Sainsbury and Tesco stores have these now, and cars are logged in & out and the first you hear of a fine is a letter through the door.

It's guilty until proven innocent in the private parking world...

  Noldi 11:30 18 Feb 2011

I am amazed at the cost of fuel in the UK compared with others in EU.

I’m currently negotiating a job in the UK with a 70 mile round trip every day. I calculate at the moment it will cost around £300 a month for fuel, what will it cost in one or two years? Will the yearly pay rise cover it? What can you do get a less paid job locally. At present I pay about 70p / L in Switzerland and that is not a cheap place to live.

This is not the first fuel price thread and it wont be the last. You have to grin and bear it.


  Quickbeam 11:33 18 Feb 2011

I would work on the assumption that you'll be paying £400 per month within a year.

  Quickbeam 11:36 18 Feb 2011

Also if you fuel use is based on the published average urban cycle for your car, half it for a real world day to day consumption, that'll be much nearer the mark.

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