Frustration over ITV Player (RANT)

  Covergirl 13:19 06 Jul 2011

I wanted to watch a 5 minute article on chillis from the Countrywise programme last night (as I only caught a couple of minutes of it) and what a farce!

First you've got to find it - no real problem. Then there are options to watch selected clips or the whole programme - well, what I wanted wasn't on selected clips, so it's back to the full programme. Now you have to wait for it to load (no real delay) then you have to sit through 2 adverts before you actually get to the start of the programme. Hey ho, I thought. The article I wanted was about 18 minutes in, so click somewhere along the timeline - but it is only clickable in the 1st section of the programme - yes, before the 2nd set of adverts, and guess what? The bit I wanted was after the 2nd set of adverts, so it's sit through another FIVE adverts to get access to the 2nd section.

Unfortunately I clicked in at 19 minutes and the article had started, so click back a few millimetres on the timeline and FREEZE ! Ah, come on . . . what's the game here?????

So Maximise player, minimise player click pause, click play anything to bring it out of Freeze.

Now what's happening? Adverts again? Oh, bloody marvellous - guess what? It's started at 0 mins 0 seconds again with 2 adverts to sit through before I can get to the 2nd set of 5 adverts . . . .

With a lot of patience I eventually got to watch the bit I wanted, but what a farce.

Good old BBC iPlayer - never had any problems with that, and no adverts so if it does lock up, it's a simple refresh, reload and click to the place in the timeline you require.

  john bunyan 13:23 06 Jul 2011

Far easier to use a DVD recorder, but obviously no good if you have not recorded the programme!

  interzone55 16:51 06 Jul 2011

That's probably the main benefit of the Sky+ box, you can rewind the program a bit if you missed something. Obviously this is no good if you've only just turned over and want to rewind, but if you go for a brew in the adverts and come back a bit late you can rewind.

  Colin 19:50 06 Jul 2011

Good old BBC wins again. Seriously, I'd gladly pay double the TV licence fee to get rid of adverts. I know the BBC advertises its own programmes, but I can put up with that. Sky Plus? Fantastic !

  Chegs ®™ 17:03 07 Jul 2011

I just used ITV Player to watch a programme I'd missed due to a bloody bird deciding to use my satellite dish as a resting point thus producing a "Failed to record due to loss of signal" message.I suffered the adverts as you cannot bypass them.Online TV catchup is a great idea,but please allow us to fast-forward past adverts without it freezing.

PS: The new ITV player is an improvement on the last as previously,click to enlarge to fullscreen produced such a pixellated image it wasn't watchable.

  onionskin 22:57 07 Jul 2011

So that's where C5 unloaded their old player.

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