hzhzhzhz 21:35 15 Nov 2006

Two fruits which I especially enjoyed when I lived in NZ were the Feijoa click here and the Persimmon click here. Tasty :-)

  wee eddie 22:11 15 Nov 2006

I can't say I've ever heard of the other.

I had an Edoe the other day. I was slightly disappointed but that might have been down to my cooking technique rather than the vegetable itself.

  wolfie3000 23:22 15 Nov 2006

I like bananas, certain other fruits i have to be carefull of as i am allergic to them, :(

  hzhzhzhz 00:26 16 Nov 2006

An old friend of mine used to make banana cake. He would often ask me to get some ripe (black) bananas for him.

  Cymro. 13:54 16 Nov 2006

It is nice to see a wider choice of such fruits available and some of them are very nice, but the old once (apples, pears, etc.) still seem to be the favorites and out sell the newer once.

  Kate B 14:48 16 Nov 2006

Is now a good time to bring up the issue of carbon emissions created by flying these exotic fruits in?

*runs and hides*

  sunny staines 16:06 16 Nov 2006

durian once opened up they are my fav fruit

  Kate B 17:18 16 Nov 2006

I've never been able to get close enough to durian to want to taste it, but durian ice cream is disgusting.

  hzhzhzhz 19:28 16 Nov 2006

Kate B

"Is now a good time to bring up the issue of carbon emissions created by flying these exotic fruits in?"

along with exotic pc components

  sunny staines 19:39 16 Nov 2006

now our climate is getting better we can start growing our own exotic fruit. I have a fig tree best year yet, while normal fruits plums apples been very poor.

not tasted durian ice cream kate.b
hz the kaki version of persimmons our very good in season now grown in spain, not seen feijoa in the shops for about 20 years they are nice too.

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