Frost Free Freezer

  morddwyd 20:01 07 Nov 2010

Not computer and not digital, so I'll have to appeal for help here!

I have a frost free freezer (upright) which has recently started making lots of ice inside.

I have seen somewhere that frost free devices depend on an evaporator which can get blocked, but I can't find the reference on-line.

Can anybody help, either with a site, or with a technique?

  rdave13 20:28 07 Nov 2010

It could be that the fan at the rear has iced up and no, or low, air flow. Usually happens if the door has been left open accidentally for a few hours. If you can store the food in another freezer then try a manual defrost overnight. See if that cures it.

  Ventad 20:31 07 Nov 2010

Try putting a drinks straw in the drain hole in the fridge (if it is a fridge/freezer) and giving it a good blow, or sliding a piece of thin bell wire or simular down it to clear the pipe the frosting up in the freezer normally starts with the blocking of this pipe I have found.

  OTT_B 21:12 07 Nov 2010

frozen up drain hole is pretty likely. The only unblocked it on one freezer, but it was pretty accessible.

As best as I can work out, frost free freezers remain frost free by circulating air around them. If the drain hole gets blocked then no air circulation therefore you get an ice build up. Or I could be completely wrong!

  Forum Editor 22:54 07 Nov 2010

You're not completely wrong - the problem is almost certainly a blocked drainage pipe, if we're talking about a fridge-freezer.

  wee eddie 01:40 08 Nov 2010

There could be a build-up of a Cold Tolerant Algae (a grey/brown slime mould).

So > Defrost the whole fridge > to keep everything Cool ~ wrap it in old newspaper and put it in a cardboard box > use a Pipe Cleaner (you may remember them ~ a thin bit of bendy wire with a little material attached) from both ends of the Drainage Pipe > "ventad's" idea of blowing down a straw sounds reasonable > another possibility is to trickle a little of that "Sink Un-blocker" into the Drain > also check that the Door Seal is still sound > Re start the Fridge but don't re-load it until it is near it's operating temperature.

  Quickbeam 08:26 08 Nov 2010

Mine had the same problem, and was also down to a blocked drainage hole. A pipe cleaner fixed it in minutes.

  KremmenUK 08:39 08 Nov 2010

I had this problem a few years back on a HotPoint.

My FF had a very flexible rubber drain attachment at the back, hidden by the interior panels. After a few years the rubber had started to perish and the rubber was no longer flexible enough to allow water drainage by the weight of the droplets of water.

The fix was to dismantle the freezer interior panels and leave it a few hours, assisted with a hair drier, to remove all the interior frost that had built up behind the interior panels.

I then totally removed the rubber bit and all has been well since.

If it has got quite bad then you can usually detect the rear panel bulging from behind as the ice builds up. This also leads to frost building up on the interior panels in front of the areas that have frost behind.

If you have a freezer thermometer then you will notice that it's not getting that cold in there either.

  morddwyd 09:48 08 Nov 2010

Bit of clarification - it's a freezer, not a fridge/freezer, no visible drain hole - usually they're quite accessible.

Temperature is still a good -18C.

rdave13 may have it right. I did find the door open a few weeks ago.

I've been running the contents down in case it proves necessary to replace it, so as soon as it's a bit lighter (weight, not daylight!) I'll drag it out and have a look at the fan.

I'll post an update.

The evaporator I thought I had heard about was, I think, over the compressor, and relied on the heat from the compressor for the evaporation process.

  wee eddie 12:14 08 Nov 2010

Upright or Tub?

Two possibilities:- The water has got in somehow.

Someone has been freezing water, maybe unwrapped things or the Top/Door has been left ajar.

Check the Seal.

  Bingalau 12:36 08 Nov 2010

Must check the drain on my fridge freezer as I haven't done it for a while. Thanks for the reminder.

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