a friend of mine works for the police

  charmingman 22:39 11 May 2007

Female friend of mine works for the police in there call centre which covers both the non emergancy & emergancy calls,

i think i should of titled this thread like this "Lack of common sense" you are about to see why,

i asked her lastnight to tell me about the calls she has to deal with as follows:

female caller "i need a taxi"

my friend "why"

caller "i am stuck in the middle of no where"

my friend " whats that to do with a emergancy" (as was on the 999 calls)

Caller "well i dont have enough credit on my phone (mobile) & no money to make a call to get a taxi & i dont know the area"

My friend "ok but then this is a emergancy number youve dialed..?"

caller "yeah i know you $%&%*g idiot if i get raped its your fault for not helping me"

whos at fault here....
is this waisting police time...

  octal 22:46 11 May 2007

Apart form wasting police time, it's called not taking responsibility for yourself and your own safety (Octal shakes his head in discussed)

  octal 22:48 11 May 2007

discussed = disgust

Of course.

  Monoux 08:14 12 May 2007

A tale I as told by a Council switchboard operator with a similar theme- the council had supplied and fitted free smoke alarms to council houses - a few months later they received a call asking for someone to call round and change the battery !! apparantly when this was questioned the caller got vey abusive and said if there was a fire the council would be sued by them as the council had supplieed the alarm and it was up to them to maintain it in working order. I'm afraid if I had had anything to do with it I would have arranged for the alarm to be removed and let them get their own.

  BT 08:39 12 May 2007

This is a common attitude of SOME council tenants. They will not assume responsibility for anything associated with their property, expecting the Council to pay for everything even if the need for the repair is their own fault.
When I was a kid I broke a window in our council house and my dad repaired it ( I had to pay for it out of my pocket money). These days people would expect the Council to pay for it rather than accept the resposibility for it themselves.

  Forum Editor 08:48 12 May 2007

a female was phoning Police to say that she was stuck 'in the middle of nowhere' with no money, and no phone credit.

It may be very annoying to receive such calls in a Police call centre, but Police are there to help the community. Women marooned on their own at night are at risk - regardless of the circumstances that put them in the situation.

Your friend could easily have been more helpful to a woman who was helpless and possibly scared.

  jack 09:46 12 May 2007

It is also true that the 'non emergency' number is not as well known as the old familiar '999'
Of course to that individual her personal situation, as the FE rightly said was an 'emergency' .
Due allowance must be made to an individual who in a frightened/worried state- and perhaps a little under the influence of mind/mood altering substances to be not entirely rational.
What sort of training do 999 operators get I wonder.

I currently have to attend hospital daily for treatment- and I am very conscious of the caring way the receptionists handle folk who's demeanor may not be at its best ,because of their prevailing condition

  v1asco 09:54 12 May 2007

Dialling 101 in Cardiff is a non-emergency number.

A report in the local paper may be of interest.

A woman called 999, the operator decided it was a non-emergncy and transferred her to 101. Unfortunately the call never went through. The Lady was not able to dial 101 because her phone would only accept incoming calls and 999 is the only outgoing allowed.

101 calls are not free (I think 10p). So possibly the lady above could not call anyone else as she said she has no credit.

I also agree with FE's comments

  p;3 11:55 12 May 2007

someone who I know also works for the police; the many discussions we have had remain and will remain private which is what should happen

but please remember the 999 service is for emergencies ONLY and NOT to call for a bag of chips from the local take away::(((

if anyone was interested there was a program recently ON the abuse OF the service

  €dstowe 12:04 12 May 2007

This sort of thing is what I meant by "timewasters" in the related recent thread.

Something occurs to me, though, about the woman "stuck in the middle of no where" - how did she get there? Didn't she take any responsibility for her own well being on her way to wherever she was? If she had been taken against her will and dumped then a crime would have been committed and the authorities would have been obligated to do something about it but, it seems not.

  Kate B 12:51 12 May 2007

You lot are so unforgiving. You have no idea of the circumstances that led the woman to be on her own with no money. It may well be that she'd been irresponsible, but really, the "if you get raped you deserve it" attitude is outrageous. Yes, people have to take responsibility for their own safety, but unless you've never been hopelessly smashed yourself and not really in a fit state to take responsibility for yourself, please refrain from being judgmental. It comes under the heading of "people in glass houses".

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