Friday the 13th

  dagnammit 01:20 13 Feb 2009

and it will happen next month too!

The 13th of March is also a Friday!

How spooky... double the bad luck!


  dagnammit 01:21 13 Feb 2009

And November! 3 Friday the 13th's in one year!

  MCE2K5 01:53 13 Feb 2009

Great Film as well ;-)

  Storik 06:57 13 Feb 2009

JJ'S=Jinxed Jobs.

A friend turned up with his computer, which I had previously fixed some fourteen months ago. His son had taken it to a "friend" to install an ethernet card. Computer wouldn't boot, and there were no error beeps after removing memory and graphics card. After various experiments, I decided the motherboard was duff. (Should also mention that someone (no names mentioned) had given the computer a good kick and cracked the case. We bought a new motherboard, CPU and case and thereby started a tale of woe.

1) The bays in the case were about as square as a triangle. Hubby decided force was the best way to get the DVD writer into the bay - it jammed- half in and half out, but still worked.

2) Got the computer up and running only to find the XP professional operating system was corrupt and I couldn't format the drive because of losing all the files on it.

3) Installed a second version of Windows alongside the first The motherboard drivers eventually installed except the Realtek HD drivers. Downloaded updated drivers

4) Backed up all files from the hard drive onto my portable drive. After which, Windows wouldn't work unless it was "activated". (Couldn't install the updated sound drivers)

5) Decided to buy SATA replacement hard drive and DVD Writer. Ordered from usual supplier and found my card was refused. Further enquiries resulted in me being told that my credit card account had been "compromised". (I am waiting to see if the card has been used elsewhere.) Order made on debit card.

6) After removing the DVD writer, with much difficulty and finding the floppy drive wouldn't go in either, we decided to return the case (as faulted) to the local retailer. It is still sitting here - we got snowed in!

I've ordered a new case over the internet, the delivery man made it through the snow with the new stuff, and so with a bit of LUCK the case will arrive today, Friday 13th - and things will start going right. (I won a small sum on the pools once, on Friday, 13th and will be checking the Euromillions with anticipation!)

Always was a born optimist!

  jack 09:57 13 Feb 2009

On Monday [16] Daughter and I are due to fly out
to see the Northern Lights[We Hope]
Tickets should have been with the agent by Wednesday[11th] no Sign
Agent Phoned the company- In the post they said
We've had the post said the agent.
Oh well try tomorrow[12th]
12th still no tickets- Agent phones company where did you send them?
Company quotes old address[moved 3 years ago]
New set set being sent special delivery - due today[13th]............

  ronalddonald 16:06 14 Feb 2009

lets all get spooked out shall nah noo nah noo mork calling awesome.

Lets get things into perspective shall we you have ac choice if you have bad day or a good day its based on your entire decision so stop a nay Sayer and start saying I'm gonna have lovely day just like Bill Withers sings.

Its your choice your decision not my responsibility but yours so good luck in your mission to cure the bad habits taught by others.

  The Brigadier 16:09 14 Feb 2009

As February only has 28 days March is a mirror image of it up the the 28th

  ronalddonald 16:10 14 Feb 2009

clii shave spread a rumour and c what damages are incurred by a rumuor thought idea that doesn't help but destroys belief confidence and courage. So like i said stop the garbage of old peoples tles and what you been taught at school or from whatever source there's no justification in holding negative beliefs they only damage.

  jack 17:25 14 Feb 2009

It came came right for me on the 13th, so thats O.K.

  birdface 17:59 14 Feb 2009

I call it lucky 13.My first Grand Daughter was born Friday the 13th and it will be her 17th birthday on Friday the 13th of next month.

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