Fresh Eggs

  tullie 18:20 18 Apr 2007

Eggs are a sealed unit,as a can of beans.
Why cant i use an egg after a couple of years as i can the beans?

  *Kat440* 18:30 18 Apr 2007

Actually my other half has just informed me that eggs are full of perforations!!

If you looked at an egg under a microscope it is full of holes the shell, like lots of layers of mesh make the shell.

Kind of like our skin(the shell) it is able to breathe. Not literally!!:-)


  wee eddie 19:20 18 Apr 2007

Did you do Biology at school?

Did anyone tell you what eggs are?

If fertile the yolk becomes a baby!

"Here endeth the First Lesson"

  tullie 19:24 18 Apr 2007

wee eddie,long time since i was at school,dont think there were eggs and babys then.

  tullie 19:25 18 Apr 2007

Kat,if its not too delicate,how does your other half know this?

  riiverstock 19:28 18 Apr 2007

It's beginning to taste a bit unsavory now.

  *Kat440* 19:32 18 Apr 2007

He say's that he saw it on a programme somewhere.

But his memory isn't that good so do not quote him on it!! :-)))

  Bapou 23:10 18 Apr 2007

Tiny pores in bird eggshells allow the embryo to breathe. The domestic hen's egg has around 7500 pores.

Wikipedia: click here_(biology)

  Forum Editor 23:40 18 Apr 2007

in their shells is 5 weeks if kept in the fridge, but American research has suggested that this can safely be extended to around ten weeks if the eggs are washed and kept refrigerated.

Otherwise, eggs may be kept in cold storage for 9 months at 30°F, or frozen for 12 months at 0°F

In times gone by, farmers used to preserve eggs for very long periods by dropping them in melted lard, and allowing it to set around the eggs. There was also the well-known water-glass (sodium silicate) method, which preserved eggs for up to a year.

  tullie 08:24 19 Apr 2007

FE,your knoweledge is boundless

  johndrew 09:35 19 Apr 2007

You may find this interesting as it refers to the use of isingglass to preserve eggs click here

This still works if you want to try it. Personally I find isingglass of more use in clearing my home made wine/beer!!!!!

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