French set new rail speed record

  [email protected] 15:36 03 Apr 2007

On a lighter note...Not sure if i would feel to comfortable on a train thats running at 356mph...!!!
its only takes a crack in the rails or the points to not function as we all know its happened over here,if the train comes off the track at that speed its a sure recipe for disaster,anyway i hold my hands up the fwenchies are topdog when it comes to fast trains..

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  Jak_1 15:54 03 Apr 2007

They do seem to provide a more reliable service than we do. Also they do not have as many bends and curves in a lot of their track as we do so, less likey to de-rail. It would be an experience going at that speed on land.

  Batch 17:02 03 Apr 2007

France is a much more sparsely populated country than the UK and so it is much easier to avoid populated areas. That's one of the key reasons why they were able to build their side of the London / Paris Eurostar link so much earlier.

  Stuartli 17:28 03 Apr 2007

France's TGV trains have an outstanding safety record.

  Stuartli 17:40 03 Apr 2007

Sky News video of today's record breaking run:

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and last year's successful run:

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Can anyone explain why the second link's TGV is using the left hand track (the captions etc are not reversed)?

  Noldi 17:45 03 Apr 2007

I drive regularly beside this stretch of track between Riems a Strasbourg its very new and looks in good condition. If I can travel Strasbourg - London in 4 hours I would use it.


  Mr Mistoffelees 18:00 03 Apr 2007

Look rather pedestrian.

  Sapins 21:55 03 Apr 2007

Now you will have to say "It goes like a French Train" :-)

  Treebeard 22:41 03 Apr 2007

And just look at what we have to offer in this country, in comparison.

How embarrassing!

  Noldi 18:57 04 Apr 2007

It is a bit embarrassing but people can only work with the tools they are given. The last time I used the train system in England I caught a 5 o’clock evening train out of Victoria towards the south coast, the train seemed quite modern and up to date better than the last time I did this journey with the old slam doors, when I arrived at my destination about 6 just one bus in sight and he was heading for the park and ride, No wonder cars where double parked all down the road waiting for their partners.

When at home the last train I can get leaving the City is 00:15 if I need a bus at the other end, after that I have to walk 10 Kms home. Believe me even at that time of night the trains are full so no wonder they can invest in this technology.


  Stuartli 19:03 04 Apr 2007

Merseyrail's over and underground electric trains are fast and comfortable and include both visual and verbal notices of the destination, individual stations being approached and when to change trains if necessary.

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