French cops switching to Linux.

  octal 19:09 01 Feb 2008

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I wonder what dirty tricks Microsoft are going to dig up to block it? I can't see then sitting back and doing nothing.

  mrwoowoo 19:51 01 Feb 2008

Tesco are doing 2 pc base stations for £139.93 and £189.93
Not the best specs in the world,but hey,people like a bargain and ways to reduce cost as the french police have shown.
Bearing in mind that you don't need so much grunt to run linux i wonder how well these units will sell?

  Miros 01:41 02 Feb 2008

Surely even Microsoft can't afford to block the French Police? It would be taking on the French government wouldn't it?

Since Linux is a legit operating system if they tried to block it they would surely be taken to the cleaners in court.

I'm a Linux ditherer at the moment, got the LOS CD ready, but have been waiting for the right moment, when I have plenty of free time on my hands, just in case!

My main reason for considering a change is that I'm quite happy with XP it does all I need. But the fact the boffins in their wisdom having decided to replace it with Vista, and eventually cease support of XP has made me consider the LOS alternative.

If you have unlimited dosh and are not bothered about buying today and throwing out tomorrow I suppose it's unimportant. Me I hate waste of any sort. I bet finance has played a big part in the Gendarmes decision.

  €dstowe 07:37 02 Feb 2008

Even the power and might of Bill Gates would be no match against the secret weapon in the French police - Inspector Clouseau.

  octal 07:46 02 Feb 2008

True, but money does talk and Microsoft's capital is larger than some countries GDP, I'm not saying France is included, but you can see what I'm saying they are bound to offer a few carrots. Having said that it looks like France have been planning this for some time, so it might already be too late for MS. Interesting times.

I still can't see MS sitting back and saying "win some lose some" they want it all.

  octal 07:47 02 Feb 2008


  Forum Editor 08:34 02 Feb 2008

want to 'block' the French Police? The loss of 70,000 desktop licences over the next five years is hardly going to bring the company to its knees.

  octal 08:48 02 Feb 2008

"The move away from licensed products is saving the gendarmerie about seven million euros (10.3 million dollars) a year for all its PCs."

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That's still an awful lot of money not going into Microsoft's pocket over the next five years.
Maybe 'block' was the wrong word, 'financial incentive?' There you are that's two words :)

  Forum Editor 08:57 02 Feb 2008

with a company offering a customer an incentive in order to gain a contract - it's done millions of times a day by companies all over the world.

It's part of what's called commerce.

  Miros 09:33 02 Feb 2008

Stack it high, sell it cheap is another incentive way!

I can't believe there is so much wrong with XP that it has to be discarded, it would seem there are perhaps millions of happy XP users at the moment, against what I perceive as a lot of discontented or grumbling Vista users.

Having done a little searching on this matter, I get the impression that it would that seem the major cause of poor performance with Vista is under powered machines. So it's back to the throw it away again syndrome and get a new one.

  octal 11:00 02 Feb 2008

"It's part of what's called commerce."

Absolutely! But I think Microsoft should have had their finger on the pulse before this, because the writing has been on the wall for at least two years, maybe more and I would have thought any big company would have forecast it and taken steps to address the situation, £500k per year probably isn't much to MS, but if that keeps happening it will start to have an impact.

Of course, it's already possible that Microsoft already know and have tried, we may only have half the picture here, there is usually two sides to every story.

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