french blockade of calais

  sunnystaines 10:12 16 Apr 2009

I cannot understand when this happens why the french authorities do not use they navy / coast guard to clear the blockades.

I know it has stopped today but it is as if they support it but doing nothing.

anyone know if the french heavly fine them afterwards.

they are entitled to protest but not ruin peoples holidays and transport trades dependent on the crossing.

  AlouetteIII 10:47 16 Apr 2009

'Cos the French authorities are afraid of the unions - just like we were until Maggie took them on (I know, I lived in France for three years a long time ago).

  Grey Goo 11:01 16 Apr 2009

Must be their turn this year, Air Controllers turn next.

  wiz-king 11:10 16 Apr 2009

Not the right time - bank hols and August only.

  WhiteTruckMan 12:07 16 Apr 2009

the farmers turn next, I believe.


  peter99co 17:48 16 Apr 2009

I heard the fishermen had been offered/given 4,000,000 and have lifted the blockade

  laurie53 20:12 16 Apr 2009

The French farmers/fishermen/others know that by blockading the Channel ports (any Med ports blockaded?) they will infuriate the British who will put pressure on the EU Commission to get the matter sorted.

The Commission and the French government reach an acceptable compromise and the blockaders get what they want by only antagonising the Brits, which no-one in France is going to get too uptight about!

It's a very clever strategy and has worked nearly every time.

  Bingalau 21:05 16 Apr 2009

Maybe the Brits should start looking for alternative routes across the channel to other parts of Europe and take their trade elsewhere. Maybe the Hook of Holland or a nice cruise round to Hamburg would be the way to go, either to Germany or the Scandinavian countries. Or if going to Spain/Portugal go direct from Portsmouth.

Then stop their onion sellers by putting a massive tax on their bikes .... Result, no income for the French... If it is absolutely necessary to go through France then sprinkle slug pellets out of your car windows as you go. Result they will starve to death.

  sunnystaines 21:25 16 Apr 2009


nice one but what about the other half of their diet the frogs legs.

  Bingalau 21:30 16 Apr 2009

sunnystaines. I will be happy if only half of them starve myself.

  peter99co 21:46 16 Apr 2009

I always go Hull to Zeebrugge.

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