Freeview and Portable Televisions

  blanco 17:30 10 Mar 2006

Seeing the Evesham Mini TV highlighted in the New Products section of the current issue of PC Advisor made me wonder once again whether we are not being given appropriate information from retailers.
Is it likely that these can be converted to Freeview which, in some areas will be compulsory relatively soon?
I know that the government seem happy that 60% of households now have at least one digital receiver but is it really likely that our portables currently working very well on small indoor aerials can survive. If not, should there not be a warning on any new sets for sale?
The same goes for the frequent newspaper ads for indoor aerials that give you boosted signals and so a perfect picture in areas of weak transmissions.
Has anyone tried Freeview with an indoor area and found it satisfactory?
I should add, I'm still holding off for my main set to see how the PVRs develop and at what cost.
For me the ability to watch one programme and record another is essential and also then to be able to transfer the recording to another receiver in the same house. All available at the moment with VCR togther with the advantages of PDC.

  octal 18:46 10 Mar 2006

Yes, we have a Freeview box at work with a portable aerial and we get a picture OK once we've fiddled with the aerial. Our lab is the opposite side of the building from the transmitter at Crystal Palace/Norwood, work is in northeast London about 15 miles from the transmitters.

  Jackcoms 21:23 10 Mar 2006

"Is it likely that these can be converted to Freeview which, in some areas will be compulsory relatively soon?"

Compulsory?? Really??

Is this another example of Blair's police state - compulsory TV?

  blanco 16:50 11 Mar 2006

That's interesting Octal. I live in NE London and fairly high up so I may be lucky. However, I still have some problems with radio reception in, say, the kitchen which is one of the places mentioned for these very small TVs with just a pull out aerial.
It's general to give a warning with set top boxes that your outside aerial may need to be upgraded but there seems to be no words of warning for sales of portable televisions.
And... Jackcoms - yes of course you are free not to watch television it's just if you do want to digital will be the only option, that's what I meant about compulsion - upgrade somehow or go without.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:14 11 Mar 2006

Got a scart socket on your portable?

Then upgrade to digital with one of these click here

  rmcqua 17:48 11 Mar 2006

Fruit Bat /\0/Nice little device, but you would need to be in a high signal strength area for it to work satisfactorily. Same with portables working on their own indoor aerial.
I'm lucky in that I can get perfect digital reception on portables anywhere in my home with just a screwdriver stuck into the Freeview box antenna socket, but I am line-of-sight to the 20kW Rowridge transmitter!

  octal 18:45 11 Mar 2006

Yes, DAB is a bit of a problem in our area being somewhat lower power for either Ally Pally at 3.2kW or 10kW from Crystal Palace. I work at Whipps Cross and walking home it always takes a few goes at booting the receiver before there are enough bits in the bucket to stop it from dropping out listening to the Crystal Palace TX, the Ally Pally one is not as bad being line of sight, but I get a bit fed up listening to Saga radio or Prime Time :-)

  blanco 19:56 11 Mar 2006

I too have been walking home from Whipps Cross recently, after two cataract operations so your comments are particularly relevant.
Thanks a bundle.

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