Freeview or Sky

  Mark McC 17:39 05 Dec 2006


I was having a conversation in the office today with a dew of my mates and wee where talking about TV services in the uk and i said that you would get sky its brill and james said " sky isnt worth the money you should get freeview " and i said " why, sky has hundreds of channels " so it kind of unfolded into a debate so i would like to hear your opinions about Sky and Freeview and i said " Freeview hasent got as good coverage as sky " and james said " yes it has " so i would apreciate your comments.


  dagbladet 17:42 05 Dec 2006

No freeview certainly hasn't got the coverage of Sky. However, once you've paid the £25 for the box that's it, as opposed to £30-£50 a month depending on your package.

To a degree you're comparing apples with pears.

  Cymro. 17:44 05 Dec 2006

I THINK that Sky has better coverage and reception although it obviously makes a difference where you live. Sky would cost more though.

  Cymro. 17:47 05 Dec 2006

Sky now have a thing where you can buy their box outright for a one off price and get much the same channels as Freeview and for no charge.

  lisa02 17:52 05 Dec 2006

No freeview available here...

as for Sky well it's good and I turn the Movies on for a month and then off for a few months and then on again. I find that they repeat films a lot so hopefully the films will be different ones when I get them turned on again.

Incidentally I phoned up last month to switch them off, they asked why and I said it was too dear. They decided to give me three months half price off my entire package.

  Kate B 17:54 05 Dec 2006

Depends what's important to you. If you are a sports fan then I suspect Sky is a must, and if you've got young kids there are good packages with cartoons, kid-friendly documentaries etc. I also think the Sky Digital Plus is an excellent PVR and I love the idea that you can program it by text. If you have a lot of time on your hands Sky is also brilliant.

I'm happy with Freeview and a good twin-tuner PVR which means I can watch one channel and record another - I just don't watch enough telly to justify the expense of Sky and I'm not a sports fan nor a movie buff and I don't have kids.

  [email protected] 17:58 05 Dec 2006

I used to have Sky, the full package, but when it went to over £40 per month I cancelled it and got freeview.

Although Sky has many more channels than Freeview I have to say that with a combination of Freeview and the free Sky channels that are available I do not miss and would not go back to subcribing again.

  Jackcoms 18:07 05 Dec 2006

"i said " why, sky has hundreds of channels"

And you have that much free time (or desire) to watch them all, do you?

  Sir Radfordin 18:57 05 Dec 2006

Haven't had a TV for nearly a year now (well it still exists for the purpose of watching the odd DVD) and I can honestly say I've not missed it. Did mean going to a friends to watch Spooks but in 11 months that has been it.

As for Sky vs Freeview - they're two different things. If you want the extra free to air channels then get a Freeview box (assuming you're in an enabled area) otherwise you'll have to pay the additional for Sky.

  rodriguez 22:18 05 Dec 2006

I have Sky and I must admit I don't watch a lot of the channels. However sometimes I watch the sport and film channels which is why I have the top package. Sometimes feels a bit of a waste of money, but when a film comes on I want or a match I want comes on I'm glad I've got it. The signal and coverage is also more reliable than Freeview, but if you live in a Freeview area and don't watch a lot of TV, that would be your best option. The Freesat option gives you a few more channels than Freeview with no monthly charge and this is £150 (might be cheaper now). The only problem I have with Sky+ is that the boxes are unreliable. On the 3rd one now in 18 months - but the standard Digibox in the other room is nearly 4 years old and still going. I don't know if any Freeview PVRs have problems, but the Sky+ ones have a few.

  [email protected] 22:45 05 Dec 2006

And your point is?

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