Freeview number for Film 4

  Newuser38 10:04 05 Aug 2006

I think I should be able to get this now but cant see the channel number on any of the ads. I have retuned the box twice now and it added virgin radio but no new tv channels. Any ideas please.

  ade.h 10:47 05 Aug 2006
  jakimo 11:40 05 Aug 2006

Try to manual tune in channel.31,if you get a zero reading,your aerial is not suitable.I took my free view box to my local tv centre who on retuning, picked up channel 31.Back at home I get "no signal available" on it must be the aerial

  wolfie3000 16:29 05 Aug 2006

This is why i love Film4 so much,

click here

I am looking forward to the Studio Ghibli films.

  CurlyWhirly 09:01 06 Aug 2006

As Film 4 has only recently being launched on Freeview, I will keep an eye out for some films to watch.

I never thought that Freeview would have it's own film channel but I'm pleased that it has even if they only broadcast 12 hours a day!

  wolfie3000 09:30 06 Aug 2006

Curlywhirly they got some good stuff coming on soon.

  Newuser38 20:49 06 Aug 2006

channel 31 is the only one I cannot get. At on stage it tuned in on that channel to CBBIES. Will try again over the next day or two before I close the thread.

  Simsy 09:06 07 Aug 2006

my son had to retuine his unit about 4 or 5 times before it picked up the new Film 4.

Good Luck,



  CurlyWhirly 15:30 07 Aug 2006

"Curlywhirly they got some good stuff coming on soon."

Thanks but I already check the TV guide *every* day ;)

  Newuser38 17:43 22 Aug 2006

Still not managed and I get all the other 4's More4 and e4+1 etc. I notice in the TV paper that Film4 has FV against the channels but it is not highlighted like the rest of the Free View channels maybe we cannot get it in our area yet.

Will try again at regular intervals.

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