Is Freeview Free?

  oresome 21:46 21 Jul 2004

Freeview seems to be populated with an increasing number of encrypted channels I have no means of accessing. I have fairly new hardware that doesn't includes a card slot......not needed as it's all free. Presumably those with older hardware with a card slot can access the encrypted programmes after the necessary cash outlay. Have I / we been sold a pup?

  Totally-braindead 22:39 21 Jul 2004

Not really, I think its more a case of the manufacturers not realising that someone would bring back the cards use. I can see that you feel a bit hard done by, and can understand that but to be honest looking at the channel line up I don't think its worth it anyway. If they add more channels or do a channel I am interested in then I might consider it, but the reason I bought a Freeview box in the first place is because its free and I'm happy enough with what I do get without shelling out for something else. A couple of my mates also have boxes without card slots but they both agree with me at the moment, the channels on offer are just not worth the outlay anyway.

  davidg_richmond 23:35 21 Jul 2004

When ITV digital went mammaries-northern, the spectrum licence went up for grabs. The winning consortium was eventually composed of the BBC (Freeview) Sky and some other firm called Crown Castle. The BBC freeview license is almost separate, as the BBC cannot charge for its services except via the TV licence, whereas the Sky/Castles part of the licence can do.

This has led to the Top Up TV section of the digital spectrum happening. click here details what channels you can get for £7.99 extra a month. This in no way affects the service you get for free.

  spuds 23:55 21 Jul 2004

I recently purchased a freeview box,and I am more than happy with the free content that I am able to receive.The same thing applies to my satellite box, which I have never purchased any form of card to use it. Move the dish to different locations and it is surprising how many stations you can receive, and all for 'free'.

  oresome 19:14 22 Jul 2004

Below are a couple of quotes put out at the launch of "Freeview"

"Freeview, a new digital terrestrial television service for the UK, launches on Wednesday, offering about 30 TV channels for free."

"It is not aimed at those people who like the idea of pay digital............."

I don't believe this is what's materialised. Had it said a mixture of free and pay tv, fair enough. But then I wouldn't have purchased the hardware without a card slot.

  jack 19:49 22 Jul 2004

Er - No But what is?

I won my slot included Nokia when its 'renter' ditched and went Sky
He ley me have it with the caveat that if Box Clever wanted it back I would have to give it up.

We qall know the story they tried the give us £50 and keep it trick and I guess the majority said well you had better come and get it then.
They then realized it would cost them loads of quids to collect unsaleable junk -
We all kept em.
But I have not bought in to the card game.
As related elsewher nothing is on that is worth watching for FREE let alone psying for it.

Crown Castle by the way is the company that operated transmitters. in this diversification crazed country of ours.

  davidg_richmond 22:51 22 Jul 2004

Oresome - 'I don't believe this is what's materialised. Had it said a mixture of free and pay tv, fair enough. But then I wouldn't have purchased the hardware without a card slot. '

But Freeview HAS materialised - a free service provided you pay for the box. Just because a pay service has come out does not mean that you are not getting what was promised. The other channels are not part of Freeview, just one of the consortium that bought the rights to the spectrum.

I have personally found that as somebody who frequently gets asked advice on these boxes the vast majority are only interested in the free channels and were not interested in the card-slot models, so the manufacturers have left this feature out of most models to concentrate on selling Freeview and make the boxes cheaper.

  oresome 23:41 22 Jul 2004


You try to make a distinction between Freeview and other available channels on terrestrial digital television as if they are separate entities.

The terrestrial digital television service was relaunched as Freeview and I think I am being reasonable in considering the name 'Freeview' to now be the name covering all broadcasts by this means, some of which are certainly not free.

Hence my opening gambit.

  Gaz 25 01:02 23 Jul 2004

Got a PC TV card that can receive up to 150 free channels. ;-)

  pcwhizz 16:07 23 Jul 2004

Freeview was originally a project to get all the population from Analogue to Digital TV.

And they made it plausable by selling boxes for Under £100 with no contracts.

Everyone in my family has freeview becasuse for one thing we will not pay Premiership player wages at £40 a month for SKY!

If u ask me, i wish everyone wud stop moanin. If u like to watch loads of TV. Get SKY!

TOP UP TV is a poor service ran by ex-BSKYB employees. It will collapse unless the range of channels improve.

  johnhase 09:10 24 Jul 2004

I read (somewhere) recently that Crown Castle have been bought by NGT, aka National Grid Transco.

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