FREEMSG: from 447938544308.

  peter99co 16:11 07 Sep 2011

Just had this pop up on the mobile phone

Our records indicate that you may be entitled to £3750 for the accident you had. To apply free reply CLAIM to this text message. To opt out text Stop.

What accident?

What rubbish?

What is the catch?

Deleted without any hesitation!

  anskyber 16:26 07 Sep 2011

I have had them too. It seems that some insurance companies will sell data to claims merchants who will use your contact details.

Others are of course scams in the usual way.

  anskyber 16:27 07 Sep 2011

Previous BBC article

  anskyber 16:28 07 Sep 2011
  Forum Editor 17:26 08 Sep 2011

Millions of these messages are circulating - I've had a few of them, and so has my wife.

They are routinely deleted.

  spuds 00:38 09 Sep 2011

These messages are becoming a total nuisance. I have near daily recorded messages left on the telephone answer machine, usually from the three same companies. One particular company state that 'not to receive further messages- press 9', doesn't make the slightest difference.

My 'accident and injury' all results from a slight bump in a supermarket car park about two years ago. No injuries to any person, and only a minor knock to my front bumper bar, no damage to the other vehicle, which I thought was best reported to the insurance company for their records.

  Crosstrainer2 06:31 09 Sep 2011

Must have had 100 of them. The worrying thing is that they seemed to have access to at least some of my medical information going back over a decade to the time of my wires death.

Because of this, I contacted them and requested the detail that they held. They hung up rapidly.

I considered contacting OFFCOM but since the messages seem to have stopped, I left it. These are ambulance chasers and I guess we have to live with it.

  onthelimit1 11:58 09 Sep 2011

News this morning said the gouvernment are going to ban the sale of details of accidents to prevent this sort of thing

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