Freedom of Speach

  day2strike 09:43 14 Aug 2008

Dont rock the boat or you get banned from this forum.

  tigertop2 09:59 14 Aug 2008

Having seen your previous posts I have a strong feeling you won't be missed.
This is a great website

  anskyber 10:22 14 Aug 2008


Freedom of speech is not a right on a private web site. Perhaps you should ask yourself why, my views do not always coincide with the FE's even though they do mostly. It's called holding a mature difference of opinion and I for one am very happy with the way things are run here.

  birdface 10:25 14 Aug 2008

Not having seen your previous posts I cannot comment.But if you stick to the Forum rules you should be Ok.We can disagree with any topic and that is what I like about Speakers Corner.I have been [warned][not the word that I was looking for] by the FE that what I have said could be offensive to others which is not what I intended.Sometimes you just type what you think without thinking it out properly.So maybe a time to calm down and reflect what went wrong.And then carry on.

  Quickbeam 12:25 14 Aug 2008

I think we've all sailed a bit close to the wind on here at some time or another, but we're grown ups, you just have to think of another way to put your view over (I don't know what reason you feel rapped over).

It's a bit like having a bar room opinion and a Great Aunt Ethel opinion... we have to think where we are at times.

  Si_L 12:27 14 Aug 2008

I've been kicked off these forums for disagreeing a little too strongly over something. In the end, it was trivial (I can't even remember what it was now) and you just have to chill out a bit and get over it.

  Covergirl 12:31 14 Aug 2008
  Cymro. 13:09 14 Aug 2008

I have been ticked off by the FE many a time and when I sit down and think the thing through, he has usually been right to do so.

He is a well educated professional journalist who takes the time and trouble to check out his facts before posting any criticism of another post. If I and others on this forum were half as careful when posting there would be a lot less ill feeling and bad temper about.

He does however sometimes have a rather sharp tongue when criticising people, but what the hell it is only a forum and he and I are very unlikely to ever come eye to eye anywhere.

  Pine Man 13:17 14 Aug 2008

'Dont rock the boat or you get banned from this forum'

Not true. I have been a member of this forum for more years than I care to remember BUT I am not aware of anybody ever being banned for 'rocking the boat'.

What you have been involved in for a while now is far more than rocking the boat and I am sure you realise that.

  charmingman 13:19 14 Aug 2008

I personaly think that "IDG" couldnt of hired a better man, ive had various accounts & lost the passwords or username's but ive been on here about a couple of years, ive rubbed up FE once or twice its nothing personal we are all adults or most of us are on here so we do get some heated debates, we are free to voice our oppinions within reason, there is however sometimes when someone new or someone takes it personal & hits out at FE, "day2strike" i belive youve taken something personal & its not for me to say who's wrong or right all i'll say is FE has some serious work on his hands & he has to also be carefull on the legal side of things...

  johndrew 16:31 14 Aug 2008

We all have our opinions on all sorts of subjects which sometimes fail to sit comfortably with other. That`s fine as far as I`m concerned - no opinion, no discussion. I say and believe things other disagree with and have the compliment returned.

One thing that I believe we all accept is that none of our discussions should put the site or individuals at risk of litigation.

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