laurie53 10:43 28 Aug 2009

I am a regular user of Freecycle, as I know are many others on this forum, and not for the first time the gall of some people takes my breath away (for those who don’t know, Freecycle is a network of local groups where you offer perfectly good stuff, for which you no longer have a use, to save it going to landfill).

Earlier this week I offered a dishwasher in full working order and some of the replies wanted to know the model number, full spec, green credentials. Could I send a picture, could I deliver.

The person that actually took it was not happy that there was no hose (perished) or plug (cut off for removal).

In the past I have waited in for people who didn’t turn up, and one night stayed up until gone midnight waiting for someone who didn’t bother coming at all, or phoning.

I do sometimes wonder why I keep offering!

  Cymro. 10:52 28 Aug 2009

I have no experience of Freecycle myself but is it not possible for you to lay-down some ground rules when you offer something. Say arrange a time for collection, or state the condition make model etc. of the item and state quite clearly that you will not tolerate any time wasters.

  sunnystaines 11:07 28 Aug 2009

we use freecycle got good stuff of there but also had a load of rubbish.

good points picked up office 2007 some one already had a copy and good another with new laptop. recently picked up new unused office computer leather chair.

bad points items advertised as working get them home and they are duff, been used as a rubbish collection person.

then people collect stuff to sell on ebay which i think is wrong.

  jack 12:11 28 Aug 2009

And so far have had good results-
Yes some folk don't turn up - but that is normal even with paid for ads.
I simply re offer with a mention of the no show- to shame them.
Forum member
You are mistaken in the Hotmail assumption
but the whole thing is run as a YAHOO GROUP
with can be E-mail or Web as you choose.

  tein 14:06 28 Aug 2009

ive been in a simialr situation as yourself a few times!
i gave away 12 patio doors that had never been used! they was the former owner of my house, he'd for some reason left them in the garage neatly stored! i needed the space but had no need for them they came with the glass again it was new & some frames! i would of thought they would of cost some money! & they was around 6 year old! when the person cam for them she told me she wanted them for her alotment to make a kinda large T-shed for the people who had land there! when she came with a large van she asked if they was any thing else i wanted rid of which i said yeah there is a new double glazzed window which she also took then she started looking around my garage asking if i wanted other various items.?? WHAT?? i felt like she was taking advantage! i gave her a LARGE hint & got rid of her!

  jack 14:07 28 Aug 2009

can be a pain.
I would do you no harm however to Google - Freecycle- your area- and see if a local based member could act for you.

  sunnystaines 16:22 28 Aug 2009

if you do not have a yahoo email you get one during the joining process, its purely for login purposes, get my freecyle mail sent to my gmail.

  kidsis 16:32 28 Aug 2009

I find more and more that there are more wanted messages than offers! Also I tried to join another nearby freecycle group and got a very ill mannered reply - they didn't want me! boo hoo. But I keep looking just the same, one day ...

  spuds 00:09 29 Aug 2009

Like most of these type of ideas, they all start with very good intentions, but seem to suffer from abuse.

About six months ago, we offered a number of various nearly new and in prestine condition articles free for collection, and the responses all seemed to be from dealers who wanted to pick and choose. Some even suggested that they wanted payment for clearance of the articles they didn't want!.

  jack 08:34 29 Aug 2009

I have heard of this - or folk looking for Boot Fair stock -apparently not 'illegal' but certainly IMHO not in the spirit of the scheme.

  egapup 10:23 29 Aug 2009

You'll always get people who take advantage, human nature, but on the whole it's great.

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