Les 17:18 21 Mar 2007

Just received an email from PC World USA and the program below was listed for anyone to download....... Is it my imagination or is this a very dangerous freebee? I would hope that a password at least is required to get into someone else's computer - or am I reading it completely wrong?


If you do work in two locations--but don't want to messy with pricey, complicated remote-access software--consider GetByMail. This freebie lets you access another computer through your e-mail account. Your files bypass limited FTP access, firewall problems, and other roadblocks by going through the approved channel of e-mail. "Well, duh, I can e-mail files," you might say. But there's more to GetByMail than that. The program lets you see remote directory listings and make changes, uploading and downloading files. GetByMail automatically compresses and splits files for downloads and uploads.

Price: Free

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:32 21 Mar 2007

click here it has rights management and is a slightly different method than GoToMyPc and other remote access servers use.


  The Brigadier 17:32 21 Mar 2007

Dont touch it!

  rodriguez 17:48 21 Mar 2007

It does sound a bit dangerous - I just use VNC and open up and control my computer screen from my work location. Plus it's password protected and encrypted - the GetByMail thing doesn't sound as if it's either.

  Monoux 17:52 21 Mar 2007


  SLAYER 18:13 21 Mar 2007

I quite like LogMein.

  Les 18:16 21 Mar 2007

Not quite as dangerous as I thought - I see that you do have control when it is installed and no one has access if the program isn't installed on your computer.

The Brigadier:

I didn't intend to - I just didn't look the look of it but Gandalfs' post satisfied my curiosity.

Thanks for the quick (very!) replies.

  Les 18:23 21 Mar 2007

Thanks - but, as I said, I was just curious about what seemed to be a rather dangerous program - the way in which it was worded gave me that impression - That impression appears to be incorrect!

  Forum Editor 18:59 21 Mar 2007

you were right to be cautious, but in fact the software is excellent, and safe.

It's helpful to check for tell-tale signs before making a judgment about this kind of thing:-

1. There are some very well-known names in view on the homepage - it has a SoftPedia certification, and is a PC World award winner.

2. If you click on the 'buy now' button you'll see the reassuring 'https' and a padlock icon in your browser window, denoting a secure transaction server.

3. The transaction is handled by a company called Digital River, which is one of the best-known and most trusted names in e-commerce. Digital River will have nothing to do with anything that is remotely dodgy.

I say again, there's nothing at all wrong with being cautious on the internet, but with a bit of experience you can learn ways to recognise what's safe and what might not be.

  Les 23:15 21 Mar 2007

As you say, 'tis wise to be cautious. But, as you can see, fellow members were quick off the mark with their re-assurances! I'd never heard of this kind of software before - shows what a sheltered life I've lead!

  Les 16:55 22 Mar 2007

led !!!!

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