Free WIFI in Towns and Cities

  lyle_l 09:58 25 Nov 2006

Norwich is pioneering a free wi-fi project which covers three sectors of the UK city and its centre.

The £1.1m, 18-month pilot has been live for three weeks and is backed by the East of England Development Agency and run by Norfolk County Council (NCC).


It will save YOU money
it will sove Business's Loads of money
It would be good for everyone.
If you live in the town or city you can get free broadband!!!

  Forum Editor 10:26 25 Nov 2006

we've had it here, in London for 18 months. The Borough of Islington in North London launched a free access wireless network in June of 2005.

The 'Technology Mile' as it was dubbed runs from The Angel to Highbury Corner, providing one mile of unbroken free wireless broadband access to residents, businesses and anyone who happens to be passing. It works extremely well, and in phase two of the project the council plans to give free computers to shops,cafes, and restaurants, so customers can access the internet.

The Norfolk network is certainly the largest free WiFi facility in the UK in terms of the area covered, but there will be others. The Norwich project has a two-year lifespan, and at the end of that period - in 2008 results will be eva,luated to determine whether or not it should continue. Projects like this have to be funded with public money, and local authorities are quite rightly concerned to make sure that there's a benefit to the commnity as a whole, rather than to a tiny sector of it, before committing to spend the considerable sums of money involved in setting up the necessary hardware.

  sunny staines 11:38 25 Nov 2006

If you live in these area's am I right in thinking you can cancel you ISP subsciption and get free wifi on your lappy.

  rodriguez 13:26 25 Nov 2006

I think they're trying free WiFi access in Birmingham in the new year - I saw something about it in the paper the other day.

  JYPX 14:05 25 Nov 2006

Thousands of novice users think they already have this. Go out and buy a cheap laptop, take it home, plug it in, and the chances are that you will be prompted to "connect to the internet" within seconds of booting up, courtesy of your foolish neighbours....
Now I realise that ignorance of the law may be no defence, but does anybody think that your grandmother stands the slightest chance of being sued by her neighbour, or anyone else, simply for following the oh so helpful prompts.

  Forum Editor 16:03 25 Nov 2006

You're right - start up a WiFi equipped laptop in almost any urban area and you'll be offered at least one (and probably several) unsecured wireless networks.

Several people have been prosecuted for stealing bandwidth in this way, and of course it's an offence under the computer misuse act to access a computer network without the consent of the network owner.

You wouldn't be sued by anybody if you used someone else's WiFi network, it's a Police matter, and the Police will investigate complaints of bandwidth theft if they're presented with some evidence that it's going on.

  rodriguez 16:13 25 Nov 2006

JYPX, this is the main problem with wireless networks - a lot of people don't fully understand how important it is to use the encryption. Rather then mess about and risk messing up their Internet, they'll leave it unencrypted - and this is how people can access their connection and use their bandwidth. It should be highlighted to customers how important it is to put the encryption on and what happens if you don't and there should then be clear instructions on how to do it. There's been an example of this happening today - click here.

  Jackcoms 16:26 25 Nov 2006
  sunny staines 19:49 25 Nov 2006

when in city and my lap top picks up wifi how do i know if it is a free one one an unsecured one or even a trap to hack my laptop?

  WhiteTruckMan 20:10 25 Nov 2006

had a name that began with the word 'free' that might help somewhat. Dont know about trapping for a hack, except that I think somehow you will not be prosecuted for logging on!


  sunny staines 20:45 25 Nov 2006


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