Free TV licence and the sting in the tail

  jack 14:33 09 Mar 2007

So this house hold of the and of Jan past became entitled to FREE TV, because one of us came of age.
I immediately stopped the Standing Order and forwarded the appropriate form.
I had a phone call from the Licence office noting I had stopped paying - and I told them why-That's OK then when the correspondence catches up we'll send you a refund.
Now it is 'Herself' who reached the magic number not me- so the for was really Her giving Me permission to apply.
This would also apply to an unrelated individual who is part of the same household.
So today the new 'Free' Licence arrived made out in the name of Herself and attached to it the cheque for £75.
Note-I having been paying these last 50 years -She gets the rebate
Huh! confused

  mole44 15:14 09 Mar 2007

look on the bright side "She" can take you out for a meal.

  oresome 18:31 09 Mar 2007

I don't know why you're confused jack.

After 50 years you should know you can't get the better of a woman.

  alB 18:47 09 Mar 2007

Take the plug off the telly and hide the remote until she hands over half ;-) ...alB

  Forum Editor 19:06 09 Mar 2007

Welcome to what I suspect is a very big club.

For months I told my wife we should get a Sky Plus box. I explained all about the benefits of being able to record two channels at once, rewind live TV (was he offside or not?), schedule series recording, etc., etc., to be met with blank looks.

Finally I decided to just go ahead, and the Sky engineer was booked to come on a day when I would not be at home, but my wife would. I told her what I had done, and got more blank looks.

On the day I returned home to be regaled with stories of how wonderful SkyPlus was. The Sky man had said this, the Sky man had said that, the Sky man even rigged it all so we could get Sky channels on the bedroom TV - something we couldn't do with the old Sky box. "I don't know why we didn't do this ages ago" she said.

Maybe next time her computer goes on the blink she would like to call the Sky man.

  Bingalau 21:29 09 Mar 2007

FE. It's no use, we can't win. God only knows I have been trying long enough. I wouldn't mind but when she's talking to her friends she says "He (I think that's me) makes all the important decisions". As for the TV, I wouldn't recognise the remote control if I tripped over it. But like Jack above, I changed the licence into her name so that we would qualify for an extra month's free licensing. I'm her "Toy Boy" by 25 days. So now the licence is hers, as is the Remote and the TV. That's why I spend so much time on here. HaHa!!

  jack 22:12 09 Mar 2007

Oh boy can I/We go on
We've a DVD/HDD for over twelve month- at least once a week we go through the ritual of herself saying 'I wanted to watch X and now we are recording y'.
'But we can 'I say like this- 'Oh I didn't know that.' she sez
or What shall we do now I say- 'Well she says I wanted to watch Frost but I see you are recording it'- 'So we can I say'- 'Well I didn't know that' she says
She did last week, because the story repeats at least once a week.
Like Bingalau- I have surrendered the TV/Recorder to herself- I've got my self a Freecom on this PC if there is something I desperately wanted to watch -which is not often.

  Stuartli 23:08 09 Mar 2007

One point about the free TV licence benefit - if the partner who qualifies passes away and the other is under 75, then the benefit is lost.

In any case in view of the fact that the average age for men is 74.9 years and for a woman just under 80, it's not really something to get too excited about.

  jack 08:58 10 Mar 2007

Thanks for all the jocularity chaps
but the point I am making is
that a government department/agent is making free with MY cash[well they do anyway you will say]
Suppose for one moment that the qualifying person in the house hold is not related or if related not on good terms- This department has handed them £70 of my money to them .
As it happens we do speak occasionally[even after 52 years] so I will get it back eventually.

  Stuartli 11:57 10 Mar 2007

You could say exactly the same about the £200 winter allowance...:-)

Another New Labour con trick. Tax you to the hilt, give back a lump sum that's a small part of that and imagine that you will be eternally grateful.

Not much use if you pass away a few days before you would have received £100 (the missus gets the other £100!)

I'd much prefer £4 a week extra on the pension - at least you would have some enjoyment from the money...:-)

  octal 14:06 10 Mar 2007

Sorry FE you made me smile, it sounds like your wife thinks the Sky man is a bit of a dish.

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