Free Telephone calls ?

  Terry Brown 21:59 24 Jan 2007

We were discussing the merits of 'free' telephone calls (VOIP), and started to think about the real cost.
The Telephone Company
Pays for the upkeep of the switchgear, upkeep of the computerised system, maintaince personel and offices.

The User (VOIP)
Pays for the equipment (Computer)& upgrades), power to run system, time spent in maintaining the system.

So unless you make a lot of calls to overseas, or you are a business user, do you really gain much, apart from the satisfaction that I did it myself.

On that note, can anyone tell me what the running cost of a Computer and it's associated equipment (i.e. modem, monitor etc.) costs to run if left on for 8 hours a day, and what is the cost to the environment as more people (61% ?) leave their modems on 24/7 instead of just when they needed to use them.

  georgemac © 22:08 24 Jan 2007

Interesting you should bring this up. I have just bought a device which goes between plug and socket to show how much power something is using.

On Sunday, all day and evening, my laptop running on mains used 0.07 Kw - this is what I use nearly all the time in the house.

Today I used my desktop from around 9.30 until 17.30 as I was backing up some files (thats about all I use it for now) - it is not one of the more powerful desktops, amd XP3000 with 300 watt power supply, fx 5600 graphics and 2 hard drives.

It used 1.53 kw, more than 20 x the power consumption of my laptop

  Stuartli 22:14 24 Jan 2007

BT does pretty well supplying broadband to its own and other ISPs' subscribers who may well use it for VoIP calls.

  TOPCAT® 23:17 24 Jan 2007

Can you tell me the name of that device? TC.

  anskyber 23:29 24 Jan 2007

When you say "gain much" do you mean when compared with a standard landline telephone?

It rather depends on how you view it. If you run a PC for VOIP call as the principal use then almost certainly not for many of the reasons you have described.

Most people already have a PC and can therefore treat the costs as "marginal" costs, in other words the cost would be the incremental cost of using the extra facility. Since PC to PC costs attract no charge it boils down to whether you leave your PC on all day as I do.

In that case VOIP attracts a tiny cost.

  jz 23:31 24 Jan 2007

georgemac: I think you probably mean 0.07 and 1.53 kWh rather than kW. kWh is power in kW taken by the equipment multiplied by the number of hours that you measure it with your device.

I have such a device too (cost £4.99 in one of those Lidl sales, but that's the only time I've seen it in there). They are very useful devices.

  georgemac © 08:14 25 Jan 2007

jz - you are correct - it should have been KWH

topcat - the one I bought is a Prodigit 2000M like this click here one at Maplins but I paid less for it - I now cannot remember where I bought it from - will try and find it and post - think I paid around £18 inc delivery

  TOPCAT® 13:01 25 Jan 2007

Thanks for the info georgemac ©. It's a very handy tool to have for monitoring purposes. TC.

  dagbladet 20:11 25 Jan 2007

£12.99 = P&P here. Never used this store just found it on google.

click here

  georgemac © 22:03 25 Jan 2007

well done - that's where I got it

click here had a cheaper one but they are sold out

  TOPCAT® 00:14 26 Jan 2007

The very same thing at Maplins costs £26.99 each + p&p, so a very nice saving, thanks to dagbladet. :o) TC.

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