Free speech or intellectual stunt?

  Earthsea 14:19 26 Nov 2007

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'The Oxford Union says it is important to give people of all views a platform.'

Even holocaust deniers?

Dr Lewis said, "I think there are people who are confusing this with an issue of free speech. It's not an issue of free speech to offer someone a privileged platform from a prestige organisation."

And I agree.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:32 26 Nov 2007

Can't see a problem, people deny that there is a God, deny that the earth is round, deny that English footie is a shambles so why not the Holocaust and let people try to understand their reasons. The Jews do not have an exclusive right to the Holocaust, to be frank a lot more Russians were killed after the war by Joe Stalin (20 mill), nor do they have an exclusive right to the use of the word denial. There were over 2.5 million Soviets killed in the camps as well as many Roma, political dissidents, homosexuals, freemasons, mentally ill, disabled, Jehovah's Witnesses.

The Holocaust was not exclusively Jewish nor do they have the right to silence those who think that there were untruths told..


  anskyber 14:43 26 Nov 2007

Seems OK for it to go ahead to me, largely for the reasons GANDALF <|:-)> has given. The tipping point I think is content which is designed to provoke acts of a criminal nature, like murder.

We cannot ban people from saying things that otherwise we do not like, if it were possible then any preacher of religious doctrine would be top of my list.

Given the above of course I do not have a list.

  wee eddie 16:54 26 Nov 2007

One of the advantages of such a Debate is that an Idea or Concept can be held-up, discussed and examined by some of the sharpest young minds in the UK. Many will be our future Rulers and, to my mind, the wider their experience of others views the better.

  newman35 17:06 26 Nov 2007

Gandalph is correct (Gosh, did I actually say that?!!), free speech either is or is not exactly that.
Peronally I have views on the Holocaust, and they may not meet with others, but I will defend the right for anyone to express their views. Only by balanced debate will truth out.

  newman35 17:08 26 Nov 2007

Apology for mis-spelling your name - knew I should have copied and pasted!

  Brock100 18:56 26 Nov 2007

Another vote for GANDALF here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:54 26 Nov 2007

As Rousseau or Voltaire said....'I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it'.


  Forum Editor 20:05 26 Nov 2007

to speak. The Oxford Union is doing this to attract attention, and to be controversial, of that I have no doubt - students doing what students do. Nevertheless, the principle of allowing people to say what they like (provided they do so within the law) is an important one.

Informed debate is everything - stifling it is the thin end of a very long wedge. Nobody is going to say anything too outrageous, they know the proceedings are going to be recorded.

  Forum Editor 20:06 26 Nov 2007

Voltaire (allegedly).

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:15 26 Nov 2007

So, not Homer Simpson then?


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