FREE SOFTWARE!!!!! (Open Source)

  Mytob 18:41 20 Jan 2006

Hi just wanted to point out to ppl who dont no that there is most liky a free option to that paid for program you need! Its called open source and as the name suggests all the code it transparnt for you to view.

These are just a few of the ones available.......

M$ office - Open Office
Paint Shop Pro - The Gimp
Winzip / Winrar - 7-Zip

So next time you see a program you need try looking fo a open source one cause you could just save urself some money!

  Haol 18:51 20 Jan 2006

Most people already know about these but they still need reminders that open source projects can be as good and if not better than closed source comercial products. I prefer Winrar better than 7-Zip, but I do have Open Office and my old webserver was run on Apache which is another open source and reliable product.

  mco 18:57 20 Jan 2006

Don't know this one - will just have a look it really good? I've been wanting tobuy paintshop pro but didn't want to spend the money; will this substitute?

  wolfie3000 19:01 20 Jan 2006

Everyone likes free stuff the title caught my eye lol.

Heres my favourites.

click here Gunz a great game

click here google earth

click here winamp

click here Gunbound another good game.

  Mytob 19:31 20 Jan 2006

The Gimp is a good rival to paint shop pro and have been going for a very long time now. It has all the usual tools with it aswell that you would expect from a image editing program and as far as i can see from my limited use of it would make a good substitute.

  Mytob 19:32 20 Jan 2006

Also check out sourceforge and freshmeat for more open source apps. Most are linux but a fair few have windows and mac ports aswell.

  Mytob 19:34 20 Jan 2006

Id just also like to point out that nasa world wind does a better job than google earth and is open source. Also Winamp may have the visulation and internet tv and radio but media player clasic does a better job at playing a larger varity of file including .mov and .rm files.

  Haol 20:13 20 Jan 2006

Can I just say that there is a difference between Open Source and Free Software, Open Source is where you actually have the code of the program and you can edit it to your liking, this is usually free but not always. Free Software is as it says Free Software but you don't have the source code. Just thought I would make my point.

  jakimo 13:44 22 Jan 2006

For a comprehensive list of free software & shareware

click here

  Jimmy05 18:23 23 Jan 2006

Hi does anyone know where I could get an alternative to FrontPage as I need to build a quick website for college but dont have the software... thanks :)

  Chegs ®™ 18:38 23 Jan 2006

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