Free petrol anyone !!!

  Seth Haniel 08:56 05 Sep 2008

Chaos at £20,000 petrol giveaway
There are reports of chaos at a petrol station which is giving away £20,000 worth of petrol.

Electronic Arts has taken over the Last Stop garage in Finsbury Park, north London, to promote the game Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.

More than 150 customers had taken advantage of the offer, which allows drivers to put up to £40-worth of fuel in their tanks free of charge.

The promotion will continue until the £20,000 of fuel runs out.

Security staff are on hand to control the traffic and deal with rowdy customers.

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  interzone55 09:17 05 Sep 2008

Why are people always surprised when chaos ensues during free giveaways.

Look at the councils complaining about the number of over 60's using their free bas passes.

For an example of the extremes people will go through for a bit of free stuff take a look at the dance marathons of depression era America click here or the idiots who participated in BRMB's criminally insane sitting on blocks of ice competition click here

  rawprawn 14:01 05 Sep 2008

"The promotion will continue until the £20,000 of fuel runs"
G'day Seth
Closed by the Police because of the chaos it caused.

  peter99co 14:21 05 Sep 2008

They only managed to give away £10,000 and I still do not know what they where promoting.

Until I read the first post that is.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:04 05 Sep 2008

I'm sure those who got their free £40 worth of fuel were very happy. However, it shows a total disregard for the local residents on the part of Electronic Arts.

  Seth Haniel 20:47 05 Sep 2008

how many games were sold to the recipitants of the free petrol.

Now if it had been you bought the Game and got the petrol ??

could have done with the petrol myself for my afternoon trip up to Scotland ;)

  spuds 00:28 06 Sep 2008

I wonder how many people turned up with spare containers, or possibly travelled many miles for this offer!.

  rdave13 00:43 06 Sep 2008

Who cares anyway? As a famiy we keep away from such offers, even from Next, as life is too short for long queues.
Think about it; time to gather freebie means lost time with family or whatever else is important in your own life.

  rdave13 00:45 06 Sep 2008

Erratum: famiy = family

  Chegs ®™ 06:33 06 Sep 2008

Bah,these offers never ever appear anywhere but major cities.To get my free £40 of petrol would cost me about £80.

  spuds 11:15 06 Sep 2008

Exactly, and some people would spend that (£80) in getting a free or special bargain (£40) ;o)

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