Free laptops for 'poor' families?????

  Tim1964 00:30 10 Mar 2009

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So these 'poor' families, are they the ones with their 50" TVs and year old 4x4s and BMWs in the drives.

PCs that are good enough for net access can be found for £50. Why don't businesses/government sell off very cheaply the thousands of older PCs that get thrown away each year instead, that's saves recycling them as well.

"But what about the cost of net access...."If they didn't waste their benefit money on booze and cigarettes they could it, if (as stated in the article) it's that important, or even use the PCs that are EVERY classroom. Then again the kids of these families probably don't go to school often enough to know where they are.

Yet more pandering to the lazy, useles and work-shy.

It's sickening that my wife and I work full time and are in some ways no better off than those that just hold out their hands for a slice of our wages.

"If you give a man a fish........"

  Forum Editor 00:54 10 Mar 2009

to rely on the Daily Mirror for in-depth information about this kind of thing.

Families will be means tested before anyone receives a laptop.

What's sickening is that there are people prepared to rant about "Yet more pandering to the lazy, useles (sic) and work-shy" without checking their facts first. It's the children who are supposed to benefit from this scheme, not their parents. I don't see why a child should be deprived of the chance to stand on the same playing field as others, just because people with your bigoted attitude can't be bothered to see further than the end of your nose.

  newman35 07:43 10 Mar 2009

" wife and I work full time.."

In the present circumstances, just count yourself very lucky, and stop the moaning.

  Tim1964 08:19 10 Mar 2009

"It's the children who are supposed to benefit from this scheme, not their parents."

Oh right, so their child allowance goes purely to the children does it?

My PC bought last year cost £250 (that was worked for, not given) and does the job so why a £600 laptop when a £50 desktop would do.

"In the present circumstances, just count yourself very lucky, and stop the moaning."

In my part of the street with 15 houses I know for a fact that only 5 families work so we, that is you as well, pay their rent/bills/etc even though all 15 of us have Sky TV and there is a car in every parking space. My neighbour even has 2 for herself. My daughter (full time student) has had no problem getting part time work at M&S and Boots so the jobs are there it's just the benefit system pays more than minimum wage.

If the parents want their children to have a level playing field they should get out there and work for it. What does it teach the children if people are just going to give them money and IT equipment? At least they won't have to resort to stealing it.

  Forum Editor 17:22 10 Mar 2009

got to do with a special allowance for laptops?

The answer is nothing whatever. I suspect that you have a bee in your bonnet.
Nobody likes lazy, grasping people - you don't have exclusivity on that - but most of us can look at this scheme and see the point of it. You seem to want to totally ignore that, and continue with your rant about the benefit system in general.

  dagnammit 21:09 10 Mar 2009

"If you give a man a fish........"

Wouldn't the laptop be the "rod"?

  AL47 21:15 10 Mar 2009

a pc/laptop isnt an essential item is it?

[as you say, neither is tv let alone sky!]

  interzone55 21:44 10 Mar 2009

But an internet connection is becoming increasingly important for banking and accessing services and information.

Most utilities now offer cheaper tariffs online, and surely "poorer" families should have access to these discounts.

Yes, most libraries now have broadband access, but would you want to do your banking etc from a public computer?

  ronalddonald 22:03 10 Mar 2009

we get th kids to become prisoners of their own home by broad banding around on their computers. Whats happened to the good old days when kids use to play cricket, tennis, rugby, football, squash, badminton, basketball, rounders, athletics, going to the local council gym and riding the bike,

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