Free iPods for rehabilitated addicts

  Mike D 10:14 24 Jul 2007

I know that I will probably be shot down for not being politically correct, but I am getting really fed up with a society that seems to value those who go astray more than the poor souls who are being denied medicinal drugs on the grounds of cost. The story is click here
I guess the justification will be that the iPods are cheap in comparison to the cost of treatment, but ...

That's it rant over, I'm now trying to patch up the teeth marks in my desk edge.


  Input Overload 10:19 24 Jul 2007

I agree with you.

  Seth Haniel 10:58 24 Jul 2007

to supply their habit...

And the law abiding will have to pay for the goods

typical PC society

  Jimmy14 12:15 24 Jul 2007

I'm surprised it's not free computers with internet access to do their drug dealing easier online.

  Kate B 12:25 24 Jul 2007

I think your response is very negative, Mike D. I suspect an iPod is a lot cheaper than a place in rehab, and if it works then I'm all for it. Reward is an important motivator.

  Mike D 13:18 24 Jul 2007

I never advocated ending treatment for addicts. My anger is that here we have rewards for addicts, who kick the habit, whilst the rewRD FOR MANY "NORMAL" people is that the same organisation, NICE, refuse to pay for life saving drugs. And no, I'm not talking about unproven drugs.


  Mike D 13:22 24 Jul 2007

Yes KateB, my response is negative. No excuses. But that's the way I feel about it.

  Kate B 13:58 24 Jul 2007

Mike D, why don't you think about other people's points of view rather than simply shouting? Or at least expand on your point? That's what debate is about.

  Koochy 14:12 24 Jul 2007

I think addicts should be given one chance to give up drugs if they do manage to give up and stay clean GREAT but if they don't, give them a large dose of whatever it is that they want - enough to kill them and stop the filth and destruction they leave behind once and for all, there are too many do gooders in this country. My sister in laws little brother (9 years old) now has to wait 3 months to find out if he has H.I.V. or aids due to falling onto a used hypodermic needle that had been discarded in a children's play area so maybe i am ranting but i think with just cause.


  Mike D 14:14 24 Jul 2007

Kate B Sorry didn't realise I was shouting, not until posted did I see caps lock on - sorry.

You said my response was negative and I agree, but that is the way I feel. I won't debate my feelings, that's my perogative - they are after all my feelings - but I can manage and act on them, and that's what my first post was about, hence the comment "rant over".

Whilst I agree that reward is a powerful motivator, I cannot condone rewards for addicts, reformed or otherwise. That is my view and I am not trying to persuade others to that view.


  Totally-braindead 14:26 24 Jul 2007

Call me cynical but I'm not in favour of giving a drug addict anything he or she could sell to get more drugs.

If they want to give them some sort of incentive then to a degree I can see myself agreeing with it. Would prefer to line them up against the wall and shoot them but I realise this is not politically correct and will never happen.

If I go along and say I am a drug addict and get tested however many times it is can I get one?

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