Free? gifts with the magazine

  joggie44 17:11 12 Jun 2009

I Bought today PC advisor magazine with the exclusive "Advance Window care program.
So what do you get: a program that tells you what's wrong with your computer. And if you spend $39.95 for extra software??? It will repair all of it.
Or you can have it for free if you sign up with one of the book clubs you cannot get rid of( just order for the next year or so a book et)
So I am very disappointed in the magazine with their "free" offers

  Forum Editor 17:25 12 Jun 2009

It just goes to show that you can't please everyone.

  lotvic 17:37 12 Jun 2009

Yes, how annoying, just like at the supermarket, in order to 'get one free' you have to buy one. bummer.

  Rigga 17:40 12 Jun 2009

Must admit I don't like those kind of offers.

A bit like buy a choc bar to get a free car.

Sounds good. "Oh you wanted to drive the car!!" "that'll be 8k please." :)

Still I guess you get what you pay for. Gift horse and all that! :)


  Armchair 11:11 14 Jun 2009

I've just installed and used 'Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2009', from the disc in PCW. Scanned the whole system, then when it finished and I clicked on 'Optimise All', it announced that I would have to register and purchase the program online in order for it to actually have any effect.

It says on the disc sleeve, '5 Free Programs Worth £104', but now I've noticed in tiny print 'Online or phone registration, restrictions and limitations may apply to some programs.'

What a load of scrap!

  DieSse 15:18 14 Jun 2009

"Free" is a much misused word. "No extra charge" is more accurate.

  RickyC :-) 16:09 14 Jun 2009

Hi joggie44
Thanks for your feedback, let me assure you that the 'free full' programs on the PC Advisor DVDs are absolutely free.

The Advanced WindowsCare program that was given away on the recent issue is a fully-working, free version - and you do not need to spend any money in order to benefits from the features of the software.

Please load the disc interface (Open the PDF file called 'Click here to begin') and you'll find instructions on how to activate and/or register your software free of charge.

If you'd like further clarification, please contact me directly via the yellow envelope.

kind regards

Software Editor

  dagnammit 18:28 14 Jun 2009

Those disks never get near my drive.

I'd rather save a quid, or whatever, and buy the mag diskless.

  dan11 19:15 14 Jun 2009

Spot on.

What a waste, mine go straight in the bin.

  tullie 19:24 14 Jun 2009

I refer to FEs answer earlier.

  Forum Editor 19:34 14 Jun 2009

Maybe so, and that's your choice of course. I assure you that it isn't a choice that's shared by everyone however, and as tullie has said - I refer you to the answer I gave earlier.

My thanks to Richard for the clarification on joggie44's complaint.

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