Free e-books

  Kevscar1 07:34 30 Sep 2011
  daz60 13:37 30 Sep 2011

That is a good link,huge number of sites and some very good links,already saved two books in pdf to my pc,one for Kindle costs $8.95.

  lotvic 13:49 30 Sep 2011

Many Thanks, that's very useful will have a proper browse over next few days and get some downloaded.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:10 30 Sep 2011

Amazon also have many thousands of free e-books to download.

  daz60 15:58 30 Sep 2011

I may be wrong but Amazon seem to have a huge market for their e-book sales and their present pricing policy for paid versions is,i suggest, an issue to many people.

I agree that they have an extensive section of free books but like searching through second-hand bookshops you have to look for what you want and occasionally you may not find.

  morddwyd 20:32 30 Sep 2011

"their present pricing policy for paid versions is,i suggest, an issue to many people"

In what respect?

If you ignore the tax, which has to be paid on e-books but not on hard copy, and over which Amazon has no control, their prices compare very well with bookstore prices.

  Bingalau 22:06 30 Sep 2011

I notice that now that I have bought a Kindle for my own use, they have brought out a new upgraded version even though it is not yet available in this country. Why does it always happen to me? Oh yes they have also reduced the price of the version I have, back to where it was before the last VAT rise. I can't see there being a big increase in sales with a reduction of only two quid though.

Maybe it is possible to buy the all new super duper version from Amazon USA and use it over here? What's the situation with customs and excise these days?

Just wondering if our FE has bought the new one yet?

  daz60 22:44 02 Oct 2011


Sorry, can't ignore the tax.

E-books are a new technology so i understand,though do not necessarily agree,that the present rules see this as 'software' and not "hard copy" and also how slow legislation is implemented to change any situation.

I agree that Amazon are not responsible, this Government had an opportunity to reduce VAT on e-books to %5 and chose not to do so, so i know who to question but Amazon with it's global presence could have led the way and initiated, in conjunction with others, an attempt to dissuade the Government from introducing the tax in full.A few other Governments did not go so far as this one.

  morddwyd 06:56 03 Oct 2011

"Sorry, can't ignore the tax"

Then you are not comparing like with like.

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