5 MINUTES 01:49 01 Feb 2007

Doe's anyone now were I can get free computers and software for a local Charity. it is getting very difficult to get funding for such items as unless it's a project you can't get funding for running cost. do we think this right that it should be this way

  egapup 08:34 01 Feb 2007

Keep a regular eye on your local recycling centre, put a ad in your local shop where people advertise bits and pieces.

  jack 09:34 01 Feb 2007

Check Yahoo Groups - Freecycle
register- check your local groups- you will be amzed at what folk give away.

  namtas 09:53 01 Feb 2007

The BT community Connections Awards Scheme is a Nationwwide award scheme that connects local community and voluntary groups to the internet. Since 2000 the scheme has awarded more than 4,600 internet raedy PCs to Community and voluntary Organisations. In 2006/7 over 1300 awards will be made. The closing date for entry to the 06/07 scheme is Thursday 15th Feb 2007.

Go to click here or Telephone the BT connections Team on 020 7299 4163

There may be commitments required as regards BT broadband etc.

  Belatucadrus 20:53 01 Feb 2007

What sort of software are you looking for ?

click here should give a few options.

click here for more.

  Totally-braindead 10:43 02 Feb 2007

I worked for a company called Craigowl Communities and they did a lot of different types of work. But I was working with the IT section and they worked under an EU sponsered thing to provide IT support to charities that couldn't afford big bills.
Now I'm sure they are not the only organisation that do this so if you wish I will contact them on your behalf and see if they can provide and info on other companies that do similar work.
The way they did things is all work was done at cost. If a hard drive failed for example the charity would pay for the cost of the hardware, nothing else, no labour even if that involved reinstalling windows and everything else. They also got hold of 50 PCs which were donated by the local university and gave them out to local charities at a nominal charge of £10 as there was some work that had to be done on them and various parts had to be replaced. Any IT support that did not involve any parts were free, but it had to be a registered charity. No private individuals or companies.
If this might be what you want then email me with where you are and I'll phone and see what I can find out. They didn't deal with software though, other than windows XP.

  5 MINUTES 22:43 07 Feb 2007

Thank you Totally braindead for your input, but we are not a registered charity, I suppose this make a differences, I have tried Emailing you but it bounced back.

  lotvic 23:07 07 Feb 2007

try on click here

there are lots of places that do them for unregistered charities - you just have to present a 'good case' (use the local social angle for instance 'developing charity whose aims are, XXXXXX etc.) and be persistant. If one says No just move on to the next in the list.

  Totally-braindead 00:55 08 Feb 2007

5 MINUTES got the email when I came back to the computer and replied.

  lotvic 23:00 09 Feb 2007

click here
forum members are going to donate old pcs

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