Freak out moment of today?

  Probabilitydrive 12:27 19 Nov 2006

I was happily surfing the world, when my cherished,adored, new, Intel CoreDuo E6700) system suddenly made awful creaking, clancking, grinding noises!!

Heart rate: shoot through the roof
sweatglands: mouseslippingly bad
Pupils: not since the wild days were they as much dilated...err..

Was about to removed the side panel and dive into the utterly unknown, the heat got me, when i noticed...!

The ***** central heating system just kicked in and it wasn't my CPU but the CBU (centralheating body unit).

Moral: dont place your machine too close to other metal objects, you never know -next time it could be a Challenger tank!! now that would be a freak out moment!

  rodriguez 12:31 19 Nov 2006

Mine does that. The computer's right in front of the radiator and when it comes on it makes some crazy noises. I wondered what it was at first but then I realised it was the radiator coming on.

  spuds 12:38 19 Nov 2006

Similar to the pet rescue organization, who were called out to try and locate a trapped bird in a roofing void. Did return visits without success, then realised it was the smoke alarm, giving a low battery power warning signal cheep :O)

  Probabilitydrive 15:25 19 Nov 2006

And I thought I had a bad hairday here

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