Fraud Prevention Madness

  PalaeoBill 21:10 05 Oct 2009

I got a call today, the lady said she was from the fraud prevention team at my bank. She wanted to ask a few questions to establish that I was me before telling me what the call was about.
Not being born yesterday, I declined politely and hung up. A couple of similar calls later, I called telephone banking and asked if this was legitimate. It was and they put me through to the fraud prevention team who immediately asked the same series of identification questions I had just answered to get through to the person in telephone banking.
What a crazy system. I appreciate they have done this to protect me but presumably many other customers behave exactly the way I did. The original lady caller could have been anyone. A better system is needed.
The irony is, the potential fraudulent transaction that instigated this was me moving money from my current account to my savings account via telephone banking. The money was actually getting more secure.

  wiz-king 21:22 05 Oct 2009

Are you sure? That your savings account is more secure that is. *grin*

  Devil Fish 21:29 05 Oct 2009

bizzare at least you had the presence of mind to contact your bank rather than give details to a stranger over the phone but their way round it could be open to fraud

A far more secure way would have been for them to ring explain their may be an issue with your account(s) you and ask you to ring your bank and ask for miss/ mrs /ms X in the fraud prevention department to resolve the issue that way you definitly know who you are talking to

  interzone55 21:34 05 Oct 2009

The security questions are to ensure that you are the person they want to speak to.

Just because they rang your telephone doesn't mean the correct person answered.

You should be glad they go through these procedures.

I remember one time I took my gran to the bank.She'd forgotten her bank book, and was very offended that they wouldn't just give her the money because she was who she said she was. I was totally unable to persuade her that no bank would hand over cash to anyone who said they were Ellen Mills of Horne Street. "But I never tell lies", "Yes, but plenty of other people do"...

  tein 22:11 05 Oct 2009

PalaeoBill! i can MUCH MUCH better beat that ONLY last week! i was going to create a thread but ur on the subject! i applied online for a new bank account! im not going to say which company to prevent fraud!

So i filled in all the relevant details! then i recived a letter two days later telling me ive NOT been accepted!? im not sure why..? Anyway! another two days later i recived another letter Welcoming me & asking me to go into any branch with utility bills/photo ID Etc! i arrived at the branch & was horrified to hear the lady at the branch tell me its ok we dont need ur ID someone has allready passed your account so your accepted.??? WHAT with no proof of who i am.? the woman just srugged her shoulders.? im lost without words.?

  PalaeoBill 22:33 05 Oct 2009

The savings account is definitely more secure that the current account. I use it so infrequently I can never remember the access codes and they have to post me new ones each time :-)

  peter99co 10:19 06 Oct 2009

I was using a broadband connected phone to pay a bill and the transaction was being blocked. The land line phone rang it was the bank telling me they were blocking a transaction and was it me making a payment.

  lotvic 12:32 06 Oct 2009

I have always declined the security questions and informed the caller (from bank) that I will ring the relevant number to check on them.
I then ask them their name and telephone number etc. so that I can check up on them.

Up to now the calls have all turned out to be legit. but I'm not willing to take the chance.

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