Frank Carson

  badgery 08:33 23 Feb 2012

In my opinion he was the funniest man I've ever watched perform.

  Quickbeam 08:53 23 Feb 2012

I saw him about 20 years ago when he entertained a cricket dinner I was at.

At first I though he was going to be awfully cheesy and passé, but he got his audience onside very quickly and did a very good job of comedy without once descending to the effing and jeffing level that today's lot would start at.

I'm no prude, but he delivered some very funny comedy that was safe for a family audience, to an all bloke audience. He had a complete mastery of delivery and timing.

  al's left peg 09:24 23 Feb 2012

He was one of those that you just had to look at to start laughing. I don't think there is much to TV or celebrity comedy any more. People like Jimmy Carr and the likes I do not find funny at all. Mocking disabled people and people who have recently passed away, which he seems to make most of his so called material, is not comedy in my eyes.

  Brumas 09:24 23 Feb 2012

To me he was someone, like Tommy Cooper, who didn't have to say a word to make me laugh, The very sight of him and his facial mannerisms made made curl up and when he actually did speak, in his 'pantomime Irish' accent, it always made me chuckle. As Quickbeam said "he got his audience onside very quickly and did a very good job of comedy without once descending to the effing and jeffing level that today's lot would start at."

Like Morecambe & Wise and Tommy Cooper he will be missed.

  badgery 09:34 23 Feb 2012

Hopefully there will be a lot of his old material that will be broadcast again, in tribute, that we can enjoy once more.

I remember World Champion, Dennis Taylor, telling me that he owed a lot to Frank for developing his 'exhibition routine' (which was very funny!) for him when he did a lot of touring the snooker clubs.

  Aitchbee 09:36 23 Feb 2012

Frank was a regular guest on the 70's saturday morning TV programme TISWAS...which was aimed at kids...and quickly became a star, with his quick, witty jokes and adlibs.

  minilite 12:54 23 Feb 2012

What a lovely man, he did not have to rely on smut to get his joke across ,I think we are all the poorer for his loss. They do not make them like him any more

  Bingalau 19:49 23 Feb 2012

I notice another comedian has also passed away today, making two in 24 hours. As these things tend to come in threes, (Superstition I know) I hope "Doddy" takes his medication tonight.

  ordep 20:02 23 Feb 2012

I find it odd that Ken Dodd hasn't commented on Franks death.

  MAJ 20:35 23 Feb 2012

Frank to waiter: Four hours to cook an octopus!!!!! How come it takes four hours?

Waiter to Frank: It keeps turning the gas off, Sir.

Classic and cracks me up every time. It's the way he told them. Hew will be sorely missed here in N.Ireland.

  Bingalau 20:45 23 Feb 2012

ordep. Ken Dodd talked at length about Frank on BBC1 earlier this evening, at about 18.45 hrs. (Look North). The other comedian lost today was Ken Goodwin. (of "settle down now" fame).

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