Francis Frith

  Woolwell 12:45 10 Mar 2012

When solving Brumas' postcard puzzles we often look at Francis Frith's site. There is a TV series starting on BBC2 at 6.30 pm starting March 12th. Could be interesting. Britain's First Photo Album

  lotvic 13:02 10 Mar 2012

Thanks, that sounds a good series, will be recording it to peruse at my leisure. Fascinating snapshots of history in old postcards/pics. Francis Frith would be amazed if he were still here today to see how his idea/project has developed.

  Brumas 13:07 10 Mar 2012

Woolwell Rest assured this will be viewed with great interest, with John Sergeant at the helm it should be very informative.

  Quickbeam 16:18 10 Mar 2012

I think the programme researchers have missed a trick if Brumas doesn't get a mention for all the pictures he used here... or will he and he's keeping quite?

  Quickbeam 16:23 10 Mar 2012

p.s. Why has John Sergeant appeared to have adopted the the Quentin Crisp look, was it all the lovies he met doing Strictly Come Dancing...?

  Brumas 17:24 10 Mar 2012

Quickbeam, your cheque is in the post ;o}

  Brumas 22:58 12 Mar 2012

It wasn't bad but I do wish he would have recreated the Covent Garden photo instead of doing a modern slant on it. There will be certain locations where none of the original scenery/buildings remain and he will have to improvise, as he did with Drury Lane, so I do think he would be better in recreating a true Before and After shot whilst it is still possible.

  Quickbeam 06:50 13 Mar 2012

I forgot about that, I'll iPlayer it when I have time.

It looks like a new word has been invented on the back of the new technology.

  Quickbeam 07:35 13 Mar 2012

I've just watched it now before walkies Brumas. There is also a website with extra information about it click here and here.

I'm mostly looking forward to finding out when Francis Frith's first recorded image of the ubiquitous streetwise dog with a cheeky face and cocked head disdainfully staring out the photographer, that didn't really want it in the picture in the first place, was published:)

  Brumas 09:15 13 Mar 2012

Quickbeam, I thought it was yours old pal ;o}

  Bingalau 09:31 13 Mar 2012

Missed it last night. So like Quickbeam, I shall iPlayer it later. I must have been watching "Pointless" and forgot to change channels while I was making my evening meal. I quite like Pointless but I think they will have to change the format soon as poor Alexander Armstrong will get sick of saying the same phrases over and over again. (I wonder why there are so many quiz programs and antiques programs on TV these days)? Maybe they could use a "Guess The Postcard" show, base it on the format of Brumas's idea and send him lots of lolly. I know he must be hard up because he's always sending virtual cheques through the post. (Mine's probably on its way by return of post).

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