France and Britain to agree??

  Bingalau 10:04 02 Nov 2010

I would rather we had joined in with the Germans. I served with the French a couple of times during my time in the Royal Marines. Didn't get on with them at all and didn't like them. Furthermore I don't think they liked us. Maybe others such as john bunyan had better luck? I certainly hope so.

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  john bunyan 10:37 02 Nov 2010

I worked with the Legion Etranger at Suez - the OR's were mostly Germans at that time!!
Like the curates egg they are good in parts!

  Woolwell 11:03 02 Nov 2010

I have worked with the French Navy. Main barrier was language as few of either side spoke the other's language. One of my claim to fames is that I had a tooth filled by a French Foreign Legion dentist. On second thoughts is that a claim to fame!

The Dutch were closer in operations.

  spuds 11:52 02 Nov 2010

Didn't we offer France and each other the front door keys, and closer friendship, when 'We' agreed on a combined effort via the Channel Tunnel?.

  spuds 14:05 02 Nov 2010

One thing that might worry me on this defence pact. Didn't French built missiles cause havoc to our forces?.

  Grey Goo 14:20 02 Nov 2010

Watch out for Sarkosy placing one arm inside his jacket and wearing a funny hat.

  Pine Man 14:26 02 Nov 2010

It doesn't do to look too closely at what British built arms have been used for in the past;-)

  SimpleSimon1 14:57 02 Nov 2010

> Didn't French built missiles cause havoc to our forces?.

in the Falkands, Yup...which would seem to indicate that they were better than our anti-missile weapons....maybe we should dump all the UK-built junk (assuming we can now afford to build any) and requip with French kit :-)

  michaelw 15:36 02 Nov 2010

Bon voyage, mon ami.


  961 15:52 02 Nov 2010

Mon Dieu!

Voulez vous coucher.....?

Probably not

It'll never happen

Having got all that out of the way, I admire the French. They have a delightful country that I love to visit. I find them hospitable and friendly, provided I don't shout at them in English and expect them to reply in what is to them, a foreign language

If I ask them to forgive my awful French, they cannot do enough for their guests

But would I want to share an aircraft carrier with them?

Probably not

After all, we can't even keep our own submarines off the rocks even when everything is English driven!

  morddwyd 16:15 02 Nov 2010

Ignore the slight impediment of two world wars in the 20th century, the Germans have been our traditional allies for centuries, and have supplied our monarchs on several occasions.

The French have been our traditional enemies since before Crecy and Agincourt, and have already invaded us twice, once successfully!

Scratch a French person and you will find somebody who remembers Joan of Arc.

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