Foxconn Workers

  birdface 11:00 08 Feb 2012

I was just watching the CNN news and it was all about Foxconn and how they treat their workers in China.

They work 6 days a week and get the one day off.And have to Work for a minimal amount when they have to work overtime, and they have to stay in the factory accommodation.Boys and girls have separate accommodation with 10 to a room.It used to be 400 in the one dormitory so things improving a bit.

Suicide's were common place with some of the workers jumping out of the windows of their accommodation.They now have netting at the bottom of the buildings to try and stop them from jumping or to save them if they do.

I know I have a Foxconn motherboard on my computer but it makes you think if I had known about the workers conditions would I still have gone for a computer with that particular Motherboard.

Just sad to see the way others have to live and work so that we can get cheaper computers etc.

  interzone55 11:52 08 Feb 2012

That's where the iPhone & iPad is made, along with a huge number of other consumer goods.

Foxconn is a massive company, with around 1 million workers across China, with almost 1/2 million on one site in Shenzen, they have their own police, hospital, fire brigade & TV station.

  spuds 12:35 08 Feb 2012

The clothes on your back, or the surgeon's knife were probably obtained from some 'sweat shop' somewhere (China included), but most likely, quite a number of people may not take this into consideration at 'their' times of need, and especially when their credit card is at hand.

In my times of travelling the world, I saw many 'not the right way' of doing things, but what could a single voice do (only but try, and perhaps succeed occasionally?), when greed and corruption is the main target for some (governments included). And please don't tell me the masses will overcome, especially in areas where poverty, and living for the next day is part of daily education?.

Its alright people stating about things are cheap, but even if they were not, were would the 'profits' end, most likely still not with the people making these goods, but to those who already have more than enough!.

fourm member mentions miners in South Africa, but gold comes from many sources, including South America. As do other commodities. You only need to see what happens there, then the epidemic becomes world-wide.

On BBC 2 for the past two Sundays, the third program is this Sunday, there as been a documentary (Toughest Place To Be...)about people doing certain jobs here in the UK, then doing a similar job description in another 'not so fortunate' country. Might be well worth watching?.

  birdface 15:56 08 Feb 2012

Looks like they are beginning to fight back for decent working conditions.

Just had a look in Google and lots of things about it.

Can't remember seeing anything about it in the UK news.So maybe not a big deal over here.

  spuds 16:08 08 Feb 2012

"Can't remember seeing anything about it in the UK news. So maybe not a big deal here".

In anything in the past is to go on, then this news might have a days cover, with plenty of denials, tut-tuts or indifferences!.

  Aitchbee 17:20 08 Feb 2012

Fourm member - your last statement is erroneous.

90% of Foxconn workers are female.

Therefore, suicide rate comparison with main Chinese population is nonsense.

  Aitchbee 17:25 08 Feb 2012

"...I made a mistake when I posted 'the suicide rate for Foxconn workers is pretty much in line with the average rate in China'."

Your first statement (see above) was probably nearer the mark, and not a mistake on your part.

  Forum Editor 19:02 08 Feb 2012


The suicide rates for China are almost identical for males and females, so - like fourm member - I'm wondering why you think the gender of the Foxconn workforce has anything to do with the suicide rate.

  spuds 10:21 19 Feb 2012

But are these labour shortages being caused by the commodities market and trader's, because investments are not yielding enough?.

  onthelimit1 11:24 19 Feb 2012

I spent some weeks in Bangladesh some years ago, and found it quite difficult to accept the sweatshop/poor wages. The Bangladesh people I was staying with (military) just said that they (the workers in the sweatshops) may not get huge pay, but it meant they were able to feed and clothe their families. Without that work, they'd be destitute.

As an aside, the Wing Commander equivalent officer I stayed with earned £70 a month, and considered himself well off!

  spuds 12:17 19 Feb 2012

fourm member

Taking the population of China, I would think that they would have enough people to fill vacancies?.

Okay, taking a small scale 'paddy field' farmer into a new environment, might require retraining, but this can be done if the opportunity is there.

Sometimes commerce might provide difficulties of its own making. Making goods scarce is perhaps one of them, especially if a possible price increase is pending?.

Wasn't it Tebbutt who said something in the lines of "Getting on your bike", I am sure China as plenty of them!.

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