Fox hunting

  bob. 18:20 09 Oct 2011

The hounds are baying for blood.

Liam Fox has been incredibly stupid letting a friend with defense related business sit in on at least one meeting, possibly more. enter link description here

Will the chief hound tear him to shreds?

  Crosstrainer2 18:25 09 Oct 2011

Not to mention printing business cards with the HMG logo on them. It seems that Cameron is not keen on losing Fox, but it never ceases to amaze me that common sense simply does not seem to be in the repetoir of many of our so called leaders.

Its possible that he may escape with his job, but I have my doubts.

  interzone55 18:36 09 Oct 2011

I look at the Liam Fox situation this way

If he was a senior manager of a large corporation, and he let his best mate into confidential meetings with clients and suppliers he'd be out on his ear.

Why should it be any different when he's a government minister.

I think Dr Fox should go back to Magic Radio where he belongs...

  Flak999 18:41 09 Oct 2011

The undercurrent running with this story is that it is alleged there is/was a homosexual relationship between these two men. It has been alluded to in many of the stories circulating in the news and social media.

However it does make you wonder in these more enlightened times why such a relationship (if it is true) should provoke such interest?

Will he keep his job? I think probably not!

  Forum Editor 19:29 09 Oct 2011

If these allegations prove to be true he will have resigned by the end of the week, if not before.

  morddwyd 19:53 09 Oct 2011

If he can survive tomorrow he will probably survive the week.

If he stays it must call into question Cameron's judgement as well as Fox's

  morddwyd 19:56 09 Oct 2011

"However it does make you wonder in these more enlightened times why such a relationship (if it is true) should provoke such interest?"

Because it is not in the public domain.

No-one in the public eye can have any pretensions to a private life so far as the great newspaper/magazine buying British public is concerned.

  badgery 20:23 09 Oct 2011

I find it a great pity, as he appeared to be a down to earth Cabinet Minister who had experienced 'life' outwith the well-heeled and priviledged lives of the rest of the Eton mafia that the PM has around him!

Time alone will tell, but with the media baying for blood it is likely he'll be going. Good news for the Home secretary, however, this is deflecting flak from her and the cat.

  Aitchbee 21:15 09 Oct 2011

Labour are not asking for his resignation; which signals to me that Fox will be spending more time with his family, from tomorrow.

  wee eddie 21:48 09 Oct 2011

What if Adam Werritty were a Ruski Mole? he would know all our secrets. If we have any left, that is!

  Crosstrainer2 22:20 09 Oct 2011

The fact that Fox initiated the investigation really only proves one thing.....He is fighting for his political survival, and will almost certainly lose.

Cameron has asked for a " Full Report" to be on his desk in the morning. I rather suspect that it will be a letter of resignation. He will probably make a short speech and then step down.

As far as his relationship with his former flatmate goes, it's not really relevant. The mistake was to involve him in high level meetings when he simply had no mandate to participate in them whatsoever.

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