Four-day school week.- North Ayrshire

  peter99co 20:51 06 Feb 2011

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Unions have said the move would cause chaos for working parents.

Not very often I agree with a union statment but I do this time.

What do you do on the childs day off?

  AroundAgain 22:40 06 Feb 2011

I'm neither a parent nor a child but even I can see flaws in the idea of changing the school week.

Cut the number of school days, and what happens to the working parents? They end up loosing pay, loosing their job or having to pay out for child care. Parents end up paying!

If they go for increasing the number of hours in the school day, and reducing to four, what would be the effects on the child? Would it mean they can't take it all in or would a greater proportion of their schooling end up just 'filling in time', therefore affecting their education.

If they raise the school age to 6yrs, again the parents pay - in more child care.

Whichever way you look at it, the parents are going to have to pay, and they are struggling at the moment, usually.

Also, how much more will the parents be expected to contribute towards books, stationery etc?

Seems to me the Gvmt can overspend when they like, then get the public to pay the penalty, whichever way you look at it.

Someone, please show me a more positive perspective on this country and the way they are trying to sort out their mess.

  spuds 22:50 06 Feb 2011

When you read of this type of report, you begin to think that it might be political.

Our local council who are Labour led, similar to the council mentioned, have done nothing since the coalition formed but spread rumours about funding cuts and reduced or complete closure of services.

They seem to suggest that this coalition government, in its short time, as caused massive problems for the public and commerce, yet there appears to be a strong suggestion that the long spell the Labour government had, was all honey and a bed of roses.

Cutting schools to 4 days may break the law, I don't know. But it seems ironic that in the 'bad' weather schools closed and teachers had days off(with pay), yet at the same time, parents also had to have time off from work (if allowed) or arrange for someone to childmind. If your child doesn't attend school, then in all probabilities you could well be fined or even have a prison sentence. Its a funny world, with perhaps the customer comes second attitude?.

  DippyGirl 00:49 07 Feb 2011

State of education in this country ...
But the number of grade A students continues to increase - shame many cant spell A

  morddwyd 10:48 08 Feb 2011

Stupid half-hearted idea.

Education is a major drain on council resources and if they were really serious about reducing expenditure they should shut all the schools altogether, along with the libraries etc.

  spuds 11:00 08 Feb 2011

But schools do get other forms of outside financial aid.

Our nearest school as an array of mobile phone antennas, as does the next door church. All the service providers are paying a yearly fee. Then there is the room lettings!.

The school had a wind turbine installed about two years ago. On my reckoning it will be another 8 years before that breaks even. In my days it was a stick and paper type flower on a blustery day?.

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