Four cheers for Argos

  Kate B 09:48 02 May 2007

Further to my plastic fraud, I've just had a letter from Argos alerting me to the fact that they'd spotted the fraudulent transactions and had refunded the card, which was indeed the source of two of the toerag's frauds against me.

I've just spoken to the very helpful Charlotte, who said that one of her colleagues spotted the transaction: they'd had a few issues with a delivery address before, which popped up as the delivery address for the items ordered via my card. They saw that the billing address (mine) was different, stopped the transaction, refunded the card and wrote to me. Excellent stuff, I'm very, very impressed.

What is interesting, though, is that there doesn't seem to be a check on gender. My card clearly says Miss on it, while the letter was addressed to Mr, which presumably is what the toerag ordered under.

  Spark6 09:58 02 May 2007

Make it five now that I've added mine. I take it the police have been notified and that they will visit the toerag's address.

  Kate B 10:00 02 May 2007

I'm off to the police station very shortly and I do indeed hope the toerag is nicked.

  beeuuem 10:09 02 May 2007

I suspect that you may well find that the police are not remotely interested click here

  Kate B 10:23 02 May 2007

that's depressing. At the moment you have to report it to the police for the bank to replace the money.

  Spark6 11:19 02 May 2007

Your link highlights a drastic change in the law regarding credit and debit card fraud. The following is an excerpt from a letter I received from The Avon and Somerset Constabulary in December after I had reported a card fraud and obtained a crime number:

'I was sorry to hear that you were recently the subject of a crime and would like to thank you for reporting the crime to us. If we, in partnership with other agencies, are to find effective solutions to the issues of crime and disorder, it is vital that we are made aware of the true extent of the problems within our community.

It is now important that you advise your bank of the fraudulent transactions. They should then report the details to the Avon & Somerset Constabulary on (Tel. No). Please also advise them of the above crime number in order that both records may be linked.'

I have bookmarked your most informative link.

  Kate B 11:21 02 May 2007

Good grief. I've just had the bank on the phone and it seems that the toerag had a very busy day with my card details - which the bank thinks is the result of a skimmer being put on a cash machine. All sorts of stuff wasn't on the statement I got yesterday: the fraud is around £8k *faints in shock*

  Totally-braindead 11:55 02 May 2007

My god, makes my £1000 look minor.

This does appear to be common these days and I suppose theres no reasonable way to stop it. I'm afraid you'll just have to wait and see what the final total is but it will get sorted out.
I can appreciate how upsetting this sort of thing can be but other than check your PC as you have done and being extra careful when using your account what else can you do? Very little unfortunatly.
It might be rather silly saying this but theres little point getting really wound up about it because the damage is done. I was furious when it happened to me but after a couple of days I realised there was no point getting upset about it because I couldn't do anything about it. One the plus side for me it happened the once and that was the end of it.

And I have to say I have no idea if the internet use had anything to do with my loss of money, it could be someone got my details from somewhere different like a receipt. I suppose I'll never know.

In the meantime chin up, this would make a good article perhaps, a personal experience of fraud.

  Kate B 13:23 02 May 2007

I agree, there's no point throwing a wobbly - and I haven't, really, since the initial bout of swearing died down. It's all under control and Nationwide has been totally brilliant. Five cheers for them, too.

  spuds 13:25 02 May 2007

When £8000.00 plus is removed, then its a professional job, who by all intents and purposes, should be covering their tracks. Good job that it was picked up in the early stages. Inconvenient, but even chip and pin security is not 100%, the criminal minded will always be one step ahead in the learning curve of obtaining easy money.

On perhaps a more less drastic side, when I saw the title, I thought that you had received some Argos £5.00 money off vouchers on anything, like I received in the post this morning.Apologies for that Kate.

  Kate B 13:52 02 May 2007

Well, even that would have merited a couple of cheers!

Interestingly, they haven't covered their tracks particularly well. Argos has noticed problems with that delivery address before, which is why someone sharp-eyed picked it and got in touch with me, so with a bit of luck, that address will be receiving a visit.

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