Fountain trip woman

  carver 09:34 22 Jan 2011

There has been a video on you tube about a woman who fell into a fountain while texting, well she is now thinking about legal action click here

She did not have enough sense to know were she was walking and then complains nobody came to help her.

Sorry but if I had been there I would have been laughing to much to help any body.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:43 22 Jan 2011

I can see how the Jeremy Kyle Show gets it's victims. Not only is she stupid beyond belief and is a shining example of why eugenics should be applied universally but she also has 5 legal cases against her which, due to her gormlessness, are being examined. One desperately hopes that she has never bred.

click here


  Uboat 09:55 22 Jan 2011

carver i saw this story last night! all i can say is "Only in America" lol

  Proclaimer 10:36 22 Jan 2011

'Cathy Cruz Marrero says she's extremely embarrassed about the footage being released.'

Which is fine, but don't go on TV and talk about it so that everyone can now actually identify you and have a good laugh at you.

  Quickbeam 10:43 22 Jan 2011

The Oscar tears are good when she says 'no-one phoned to ask if I was all right'...

  carver 10:49 22 Jan 2011

Most likely because her phone was full of water.

  carver 11:37 22 Jan 2011

Please try to remember that just because you do not like some ones posting it is not a reason to post insults aimed at that person.

If you get out of bed on the wrong side and feel like insulting some one may I suggest you first start by looking in the mirror and starting there, at least that way you may not feel the urge to insult every body else.

That is not an insult at you, just a way to get your feelings on a more even keel.

The woman in that video is a complete moron, unless you think that what she did was acceptable

  Pine Man 11:56 22 Jan 2011

Do some of you people actually read what you write before you post it?

  Quickbeam 12:03 22 Jan 2011

"Do some of you people actually read what you write before you post it?"
Quite right, consider Oscar tears to be replaced by crocodile tears...

  carver 12:21 22 Jan 2011

Thats better, more grammatically effective.

  carver 12:34 22 Jan 2011

She could have been a candidate for this site click here or how about this man click here, certainly got what he deserved.

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