Foster parents and carers must stop smoking.

  Joe R 17:28 04 Jun 2008

I know people will say that this is right and just, but surely, it will have the effect of there being less carers/fosterers available.

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  peter99co 17:40 04 Jun 2008

They must set standards which are correct as role models for the young people they care for and who did not choose them as parents. It is a professional job they have taken on and being asked not to smoke is a part of the job they must accept. These people do this kind of job for many good reasons and not being able to smoke should not put them off. If it does then they are not serious about childcare.

  Forum Editor 18:04 04 Jun 2008

a pretty good policy to me.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:23 04 Jun 2008

The government should take this up and make it a national policy.

  silverous 20:18 04 Jun 2008

I can't see too many negatives although it does seem a bit nanny state given that they aren't introducing the same rules for parents generally. I'm sure many of our parents smoked, are we worse off as a result now?

  DrScott 20:20 04 Jun 2008

have always had to display themselves as being the best of parents.

Such rules have never applied to the general population.

Whether they should is an interesting discussion.

  peter99co 20:27 04 Jun 2008

My father smoked and I did at 14. He atually said I should not smoke and it would give me problems in later life. I was 40 plus before managing to stop after three attempts.

  Totally-braindead 20:31 04 Jun 2008

I'm personally against anything which forces people to stop smoking and I have given up recently (about 8 weeks) and I notice that smoke is very noticeable to me, more so I think than to someone who has never smoked.
I wouldn't force anyone into a smoke filled room but then even when I was a smoker I would not smoke around the kids. If they smoke in an area that the child has no access to then fair enough but forcing people to give up is as far as I am concerned just not right.
If its such a problem for someone to go into a house where there are smokers, and I understand that there may be, then what about an area of the house designated smoke free.
I can see why they want to ban it, I just don't think its right. It wouldn't affect me as I have given up and have no intention of restarting, mind you I suppose all those who have ended up restarting have said the same thing.

  peter99co 20:42 04 Jun 2008

It is the in your face smoking that children copy and even going off for a fag is learnt by the young ones. These are someone elses children.
I think that this is the core point.

  Totally-braindead 21:28 04 Jun 2008

You might be right peter99co but I'm not sure if thats necessarily correct, a couple of my friends are smokers and both are nagged by the kids fairly constantly to give up as the kids know what it does to their Dads health.

  peter99co 21:36 04 Jun 2008

At £5.80 a packet they could have a good rise in pocket money. I stopped and had enough to by a newer car.

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