Foster parent ban

  carver 10:03 01 Mar 2011

Just been reading about this click here and can't help but feel that to make a ruling such as that then it will rule out a large portion of the community.

We have a family lives a couple of doors away who have 2 foster children, they are very religious and are at church every Sunday and they make the kids go with them, they look very much like the couple in the article.

Rightly or wrongly they believe that their views on homosexuality is for them to decide on, they don't denounce them from the rooftop nor do they go on marches to tell the world their view.

This ruling will stop people like them from fostering and I think it's such a shame, they are so devoted to all their children and their kids are the most polite children you could want to meet.

  peter99co 11:46 01 Mar 2011

The laws of the realm “do not include Christianity”.

The laws do not include any other religion either.

I imagine we would have chaos if we did include religion.

It is also like saying the law should take precedence” over religious rights.

The law has to come first doesn't it?

  carver 11:59 01 Mar 2011

But isn't it against the law to discriminate on the grounds of religion?

  peter99co 12:05 01 Mar 2011

I don't do religion.

It causes to many conflicts in the world as it is.

  jakimo 13:27 01 Mar 2011

In our' tolerant' society,is Christianity not to be tolerated

  Forum Editor 17:20 01 Mar 2011

to discriminate on the grounds of religion?"

Yes it is, but this isn't a case of religious discrimination.

The people concerned were interviewed on the radio this morning, and stated that they believe they have a right to 'love' the children in their care, and that they would use 'love' to 'talk it through' if a child in their care expressed a tendency towards homosexuality. They both said they 'have nothing against' homosexuals, but that they would 'talk to the child with love' if the subject came up.

It was perfectly clear when listening to them that they both thought homosexuality was wrong, and that they would try to influence any child who brought the subject up.

That would undoubtedly be the response of millions of parents, whether Christian or not, and they would no doubt consider it their right as parents to tell their children what they like, but that's not the point in this particular case. These two people aren't the parents of the children they care for, they're foster carers, and in that capacity they must abide by the law. Furthermore, they must abide by the rules laid down for foster carers, one of which is that they should be non-judgemental in matters such as religious beliefs and sexuality.

The court was not satisfied that these people would be able to fulfil that role responsibly, hence the ruling.

A belief in Christianity (or any other faith) doesn't give you carte blanche to foist your personal views on children in your care.

  Forum Editor 17:21 01 Mar 2011

"In our' tolerant' society,is Christianity not to be tolerated"


What's your point?

  rickf 21:00 02 Mar 2011

I think people should be allowed to hold contradictory beliefs. In fact their views may well be the silent majority sillenced by fear of being discriminated orprosecution.

  Dragon_Heart 22:23 02 Mar 2011

C of E I write but …

The last time I went to Church was to get married many moons ago.

I do not believe in God but I fully accept many many people do and get great comfort from their beliefs.

I fully agree that many people would like to be able to 'talk their children out' of being homosexual due to the fact society does not like 'different'.

Based only upon what I have read about them I consider they would make good foster parents, the child would be cared for under Christian values, which on the whole are good and what many in today's society are sadly lacking.

The judges were right but the law is not.

  Dragon_Heart 22:35 02 Mar 2011

"A belief in Christianity (or any other faith) doesn't give you carte blanche to foist your personal views on children in your care."

Personal views are just that, you faith may just part or your whole life may be ruled by it.

Good parents are good people to try to mould young minds into copies of themselves. Yes ! they must have their own mind but the basic rules of how you conduct yourself stays with you until you die.

Lets turn this around and say a homeosexual couple wanted to foster. Being homeosexual doesn't give you carte blanche to foist your personal views on children in your care.

Or are you saying being homeosexual is not a personal view but for example a state of mind ?

Personal view or state of mind it matters not one jot !

  lotvic 22:49 02 Mar 2011

If the Judges say Christianity has no place in the law - why is it when you are a witness:
"When it is your turn, you will be shown to the witness box, where you must swear to tell the truth on the bible or promise to tell the truth. " (quote from How do I give evidence? click here (south-wales

or from click here "You are asked to take the oath which means that you have to swear to tell the truth on the holy book of your religion. "

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