forums with a differance

  hijo 11:33 15 Oct 2006

hi there just outa curiosity,are all forums the same or is there any ones that are differant as in for over 18's ect..? this is with NO offence to the "FE" or his forum just a thought realy...

  Forum Editor 11:43 15 Oct 2006

out there - it's just a question of looking for them.

  spuds 11:49 15 Oct 2006

Forum's tend to be in all shapes and manners catering for their members or users needs in the main.

Regarding your reference to over 18's etc, these will most likely be Adult Person's forum's and definitely not suitable for the younger generation.

  Totally-braindead 12:38 15 Oct 2006

There are a lot of Forums for every subject you can imagine, most tend to be specific to a particular subject, here for example its PCs another one might deal with DVD recorders and televisions another might be about sailing etc etc.
There are over 18 forums of course.
I personally prefer a Forum of this type for 3 main reasons.
Firstly its about PCS which is one of my main interests.
Secondly it has a huge variety of people in it, all ages from 8 to 80, who knows perhaps even older/younger and of course they have a wide background, every possible variety of employment is possibly on this forum.
Thirdly and very importantly for me because this is a "family " forum, ie all ages welcome, the FE, who does a sterling job, keeps a close eye on things to make sure things don't get out of hand and if they do he takes steps to stop it. Bad language, rascism etc are not acceptable. Some of the over 18 forums may not be so strict in some cases.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:28 15 Oct 2006

A google search for "online forum" (including the quotation marks)produced 7,900,000 results.

  bluto1 23:09 15 Oct 2006

Is that perhaps why you were so long in posting?
Actually I did as you did and I`m quite amazed at the amount.

  Kate B 23:26 15 Oct 2006

I love internet forums - they're fascinating. They all develop their own sense of community and people get to know each other well. I've made some excellent real friends via a couple of them. Some are better than others: this is a very good one, it's mostly polite and thoughtful and Peter's style of moderation, though occasionally slightly irritable, is pretty fair and even-handed - he doesn't play the power card, which I've seen other admins do.

  Kate B 23:27 15 Oct 2006

oh, and on the over-18 thing, a lot of forums require you to be over 18 to register even if they don't have any adult content.

  wolfie3000 00:33 16 Oct 2006

I belong to a few forums (mainly gaming) and some of the stuff written in them is unbelievable (racism, foul language, ect...)

And some of the admins seem to think they weild a god like power.

When i first joined the pcadvisor forum i was shocked at the level of "censorship" in it but came to understand that it is nessercary.

I really think that relaxing the rules on what could be talked about in the forum was a good move.

Now we can talk about other things in life apart from pc,s.

But as for 18+ forums i think there over rated,
All they seem to be is mostly under 18,s flaming each other.

But to be honest my only gripe with the pcadvisor forum is that we cant use avatars but i guess most wouldnt want to.

  Kate B 00:45 16 Oct 2006

There are some good "adult" forums out there - there's a good one, for example, for London fetish events. But yes, there is some astonishing personal abuse on some forums. Sometimes it's satisfying to be able to have a go at a fool - and it's infuriating if a moderator decides to airbrush out any conflict - but there comes a point where it's just out of order. I think people lose sight of the fact that in the main it's much more satisfying to talk about the subject under discussion than to start slinging insults around. If I find myself being insulted I ignore it.

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