Forum troubles.

  Forum Editor 23:42 07 Jul 2010

No, not ours - there's trouble over on the Blizzard games forums. Blizzard is the company that published 'World of Warcraft'.

In a move to stop what the company calls " heated online arguments and topics started purely to cause trouble." all forum users are to be asked to provide their real names before they're allowed to take part in forum discussions.

According to one of the site's community managers the forums have become "...a place where flame wars, trolling and other unpleasantness run wild".

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If they think that asking people to provide their real names is going to make the slightest bit of difference in that respect I'm afraid they have a surprise in store. To start with, people will not supply their real names, and in any case it isn't the way to tackle unpleasantness.

  Þ² 00:41 08 Jul 2010

Their forums are for far different people than this one attracts.

  spuds 00:42 08 Jul 2010

I often wonder if some people bring their street attitudes to forums on purpose.

Thankfully, this forum as the occasional blow-out, but on the whole a very pleasant day and experience can be gained.

Regarding leaving real names etc, will prove very little, except perhaps further disturbance.

  Strawballs 01:40 08 Jul 2010

Some of the hard core gamers can get a little "passionate" shall we say!

  zzzz999 07:17 08 Jul 2010

I find threads like this puerile and clearly posted by bloody idiots. If you have nothing of importance to say its probably best you stay lurking in the shadows.


me bad, ano.

  MAT ALAN 08:01 08 Jul 2010

You mean your real name isn't Forum Editor and here's me thinkin you was foreign...

  morddwyd 08:11 08 Jul 2010

As you may recall, when I changed my forum name some months ago I decided to use my real name.

Does this mean that I can now troll and flame at will, FE?

  interzone55 08:26 08 Jul 2010

For the record my real name is Richard John Bingham, but don't pass it around, I've been trying to lay low...

  Quickbeam 08:59 08 Jul 2010

I can't help but think that if our FE was in charge, the problem wouldn't have reached it's full gestation...

  Quickbeam 09:04 08 Jul 2010

I've become quite used to my Quickbeam tag over the years, if our FE tried to stop us using online names I'd be minded to change it by deed poll to spite him...:)

  MAT ALAN 09:11 08 Jul 2010

Should have a new "Forum" just for cussin, some where ya can go and have a good rant clear the air and feel LUVLEE afterwards...

not a good idea really...

I am suitably impressed with the way members conduct their business on these forums it is all too easy to "let slip" and we have to remember their are ladies and younguns that post here.

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