Forum Nicnames !!

  sicknote 20:47 22 Jul 2004

Hi All
I was just wondering how or why you choose the nicnames you have for this forum.
Me i got my because through illness i was off work sick and kept sending in certificates hence the name sicknote.
And those whose are wondering i am better now thanks !!!

  sicknote 20:49 22 Jul 2004

Maybe i am not that better now looking at my spelling !!

  spikeychris 20:50 22 Jul 2004

Best spikey hair this side of the pennines......


  oresome 20:57 22 Jul 2004

With 144,421 registered users it's next to impossible to come up with anything that's not already registered. It struck me as being an awesome task.

  Old Shep 21:02 22 Jul 2004

Glad you explained your nickname as when I have seen iton the forum it always reminded me of an old workmate of mine who when he was given a certain job that he did not like he went sick so his nickname was sicknote. When I first joined this forum mine was Bluebird after the love of my life my Nissan Bluebird. Having got to 170,000 miles on the clock it died a death and went to the great scrapheap in the sky. I then changed my user name to Old Shep as that was my nickname from the 60's as I was always singing the Elvis song in the pubs (before karaoke was invented) and in my workplace. I still mumble it now much to the dismay of my wife. Suppose I have given my age away as no doubt some young rookie will ask who was Elvis or I have never heard that song. Regards and glad to hear you are better.

  fred 21:24 22 Jul 2004

Been known as fred for 33 years

  Dorsai 21:38 22 Jul 2004

It's was my cat's name (some years passed, i add, loved the little.....critter.......though.)

And she got her name from a book. Was a right little fighter, when she first arrived. Came from a farm, far too young, would have probably been drowned if i had not taked her in. hated humans. Bit the hand that fed her. Hissed, spat, scratched etc. Worth the effort. One day (weeks after she arrived) me asleep and she came up and climed on lap, went to sleep with me. from that day on best of friends. Never had a cat since. had the best one ever. Small, White, Lost ears later in life, skin cancer.


  Forum Editor 21:40 22 Jul 2004

when this forum was knee high to a hard drive I joined up.

At the time I was flying back and forth to Beijing and Hong Kong for a new client (who subsequently became the biggest client on my books in terms of work). It seemed appropriate to choose china as my forum name, so I did. I was china until the magazine had a rash moment, and invited me to take on the job I'm doing now. I still fly to HK and Beijing, but not quite so often - the client has moved from HK to a plush suburb in Sydney.

  Djohn 21:47 22 Jul 2004

I must have sat there for hours, used several dictionaries looking for a user-name without success, sticking the letter D before my first name did the trick and I was on-line. Although I have now moved on from AOL I use the same name in all forums I visit.

  Taran 22:06 22 Jul 2004

They christened me....

I am hardly ever called Taran at home unless I've done something wrong, then my wife reverts back to my christian name in a certain tone which leaves me in no doubt that I'm in hot water. Thankfully I don't often hear that tone, so I must be doing something right. Most of the time I go by my middle name, but Taran I was christened and so Taran I remain.

  Sapins 22:14 22 Jul 2004

Served my apprenticeship as a Joiner - now live in France - (pine) tree in French = Sapins.

Gave up the "Tools" almost immediately I finished training, never regretted it :-)

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