Forum members'characters.

  rdave13 00:07 09 Jul 2006

Since being a member of this excellent forum for a couple of years I find that I no longer need to read books.

This place is really fascinating with wide and wonderful characters. I find myself putting a "character" to certain "names" on this forum exactly as if you were reading a book.
An example is one forum member who 'as made enough green stuff to be retired at that's persons fifth decade ; and the posts the member makes, make me titter as I think humour is
the very basis of each post that member makes.

Strangely enough we are all anonymouse here but yet I feel we let slip enough "private" information, through debate (heated or not) to allow the rest of us to form an identity in our minds eye so to speak.

So here is my character :- Tall ,dark , Very handsome...exept for the third eye and four legs.:¬0 . Here I am after the opperation and don't I look great.. click here

  wolfie3000 09:48 09 Jul 2006

I think we do assume characteristics to other forum members especialy to regular forum posters,

I guess we as humans have to do this due to the lack of actually seeing the poster.

BTW the link froze my aol browser badly i had to reset my pc.

  anskyber 09:57 09 Jul 2006

Yes, the "rules" (I think) prevent us from knowing one another but there cetainly is a wide representation of characteristics from grumpy to calm. Even amongst "friends" there can be occasional spats which are nearly always resolved by our ever present FE. My picture of people sees G and V at each end of the spectrum, both, I should add straight away incredibly helpful but one always ready to entertain (as I see it) with unambiguous remarks.

I do recall some very clear pictures of individuals, anchor, who allowed us to view him when his video and audio got out of sync. ( I thought the answer was to take more water with it) Gandalf who asserting that he was not the FE giving a link to his web site and a picture of himself (we are led to believe) in full flower power regalia.

  wolfie3000 10:00 09 Jul 2006

Heres a few of the forum members in all there pictorial glory :)

click here

  Arthur Scrimshaw 10:25 09 Jul 2006

if we would come across the same in 'real life' - maybe it's like the car environment where you feel isolated and protected and act differently than you would face to face?
That being said I do have my own impression of the 'regulars' here, (without exception, positive)and even when it gets heated, it's still enjoyable and informative, and we soon forget the dust ups.

  wolfie3000 10:32 09 Jul 2006

I must admit i do belong to a few forums (mostly gaming) but this forum i feel most at home on if that makes any sense.

  beynac 10:35 09 Jul 2006

Like wolfie, I had to reboot after clicking the link (using Firefox).

  SG Atlantis® 10:38 09 Jul 2006

no problems with it on IE.

Here's another pis of rdave13 otherwise known as Sully (his stage name) click here

  SG Atlantis® 10:39 09 Jul 2006

pis = pic, oops lmao.

  pj123 12:32 09 Jul 2006

The link given by wolfie3000 was originally an idea by "Spikeychris" I think. It is no longer updated (and hasn't been for ages).

Having just had another look through it I must say that I have not seen most of the members listed posting on PC Advisor Forums lately?

Are they still with us?

  De Marcus™ 12:40 09 Jul 2006

Yes, just with a different alias ;-)

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