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  Bob The Nob© 14:42 25 Oct 2006

I have recently read some very shocking posts that annoyed me. The offending posts have been deleted but, they had to get removed. I won’t name names or snitch but you know who you are!

The internet is a powerful tool, which gives the option of anonymity to every user. Each user then generally chooses a handle (nickname).

This forum is a place to talk about computers, there is a room for ‘off topic’ discussions i.e. football and TV etc. Someone recently started a discussion about how their family’s life isn’t restricted to certain sports and life styles they were when they were a child. This then lead to someone insulting their family.

As I said before the internet gives the option of anonymity to all, users of this forum must choose a handle but still you do not know who these people really are. This forum is not for insulting/offending other people, if you are going to insult people, do it to their faces, not behind a made-up name. If you insult people behind their back or behind a made-up name you are a coward.

If you ever got name-called at school, you will realise how distressing it is for other people. Please, do not name call or insult people on this forum and do not insult their families, insulting someone’s family is lower than low.

Again don’t name call/insult people, behind a name, do it face to face.

Bob The Nob© aka 30021190 aka Adam Boutcher

If you don’t like what I just said, don’t tell me here, press the envelope above. That lets me get you’re email address and so you’ve lost some of your anonymity.

  Bob The Nob© 14:44 25 Oct 2006

If you don't agree, then read the forum rules? click here

Bob The Nob©

  anskyber 15:01 25 Oct 2006

No, thats fine. It will however continue I am sure because it in the nature of people. I did not read the offending posts but I did read the thread originators response which was I thought very mature.

We all can get annoyed and its not too difficult for me to imagine that others will have taken issue with some of my remarks. The FE does the business however and in my time here it appears that some are banned never to return. At one point it seemed like one a month but I am probably wrong with that guess.

In Speakers Corner there is a fine line. The obvious rudeness and insults directed to individuals is clearly wrong and dealt with as far as I have seen. Saying that something is a "silly" idea or the like and said in a way which is directed at the issue (eg cyclists or van drivers) rather than the person is something else.

  egapup 15:40 25 Oct 2006

Looks like someone is after FE's job.

  Bob The Nob© 15:47 25 Oct 2006

I wouldn't mind FE's job, probably gets paid better money then me.

Seriously I'm just annoyed at people having a dig at other people.

Bob The Nob©

  sean-278262 16:00 25 Oct 2006

BTN I was waiting for someone to post this particular thread. I do find it annoying those that cannot accept others just the way they are. I find it even more annoying as I fell into one of the named groups. Certainly find it absurd that they find it ok to comment about people, yet the moment you question them and what appeared to be a religious thing they go into it isnt the same.

Just annoyed at that posters rudeness and ignorance.

  Cymro. 16:17 25 Oct 2006

I was one of the people who was insulted on the forum last night. It is of no concern to me, but as I had made a remark that someone objected to first perhaps I deserved to be insulted. But it was the way someones children were insulted that was beyond the pale and it was only right that they were deleted. I don`t mind a bit of rough and tumble as I can put up with it but leave other peoples children out of it.

  Bob The Nob© 16:20 25 Oct 2006

This forum is not the place to insult other people, its an open forum so what if a visitor read them? What impression does it portray to oher members?

It just makes you all look like children.

Bob The Nob©

  Kate B 16:23 25 Oct 2006

I don't think it's necessary to snipe at or be rude to people, full stop. Civilised debate doesn't include aggressive, bad behaviour. It's perfectly possible to disagree a point quite strongly without resorting to insults.

  Cymro. 16:27 25 Oct 2006

I am rather sorry now that I did not make a note of the offending people as I am sure that they will turn up on the forum again sooner or latter.

  Bob The Nob© 16:30 25 Oct 2006

I agree with Kate B (Should that rhyme?)

Naming and shaming people doesn't work, and it is nasty to them. They know who they are and they will not (hopefull) do it again.

Bob The Nob©

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