The forum date stamps are

  Quickbeam 06:27 27 May 2017

...10 days out of sync.

I'm posting this on 27th May

  Quickbeam 06:33 27 May 2017

The last time this happened the hoi polloi were up in arms as to the loss of 13 days of their lives, at our age on this forum we can't afford to lose 10 days!

...especially with such fine weather ;-)

  Southern born 09:46 27 May 2017

I think that you are reading the date incorrectly.

The date is showing as 27 May 17.

It gives the day of the month, the month and then the year.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:58 27 May 2017


27 May


is when you posted.

Not quite awake yet? :0)

  martd7 10:37 27 May 2017

Think Quickbeams reading it as May 17th :)

  Govan1x 11:03 27 May 2017

It is a tad confusing as i have had the same problem before. Age thing maybe.

10:37 27 May 17


10:37 17 May 27

I think PCA have got it right of course but could be a little confusing.

  mole44 13:08 27 May 2017

The lost 10 days i read the book,it was when the Julian calendar was changed to the Gregorian calendar,and not as boring as it sounds.

  Quickbeam 14:14 27 May 2017


  Quickbeam 14:16 27 May 2017

The 27 (27th day) figure gets lost in the time section. It would be clearer if it read May 27th 2017

  Govan1x 15:23 27 May 2017

True Quickbeam. I would agree with that but they must have done it there way for a reason.

Speak nicely to them and they may change it to the way you think it should be.

  HondaMan 15:43 27 May 2017

Yes, and I do not want to see dates expressed in the format adopted by our ex-colony.

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